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  1. MJW

    SOTW#183 - Red ocher's Fur Blur - Winners

    Congratulations to (taking a deep breath) @Pixey , @Seerose , @MadJik , @dipstick , @lynxster4. and @welshblue! Obviously a close competition. A wide variety of excellent entries by one and all. My favorites were Pixey's bunny and welshblue's (somewhat unruly) flower patch. @lynxster4's hosting is much appreciated.
  2. Great entries by @Pixey and @lynxster4! Sorry I didn't submit something for this theme, but I don't think I could have come close in quality of the three entries. Thanks to @DrewDale for hosting.
  3. You'll probably have a better chance of getting a meaningful answer if you add some more detail. Simply saying "it fails" isn't very helpful. How does it fail?
  4. I don't know why some programs use transparent white and others use transparent black. I'd guess that in Microsoft, Color.Transparent is defined as transparent white, and that's why it's transparent white in Paint.Net. If you ask me, transparent black makes more sense. I wrote a very simple plugin called Transparent to Transparent Black which will convert all transparent colors to transparent black.
  5. Maybe it's just because the majority of images I've posted here have been in comps, but I certainly think the archived comp section should be updated. Though I know almost nothing about website administration, and even less about this particular site, if there's read-write access to the underlying files, it doesn't seem like it would be too difficult to write a Perl script or something similar to update all the postimage links. Also, it seems there might be something that could be done to translate the the image-link lookups on the fly.
  6. I sure wish postimage would restore the old names. If not, I hope there's some automated way all the links on the PDN site can be updated. Not only is editing all one's own links a huge hassle, but in quite a few cases it's not possible. The comp section's Archived threads are locked, and the posts can't be edited, and the Galleria images are not under the control of the original creator.
  7. MJW

    Photo Warping Inquiry!

    Quadrilateral Correction may do what you want.
  8. MJW

    Text Formation Question

    If you're referring to the shape of "Riverside," one way to do it is to use Paste Warp+. I gave an example of how to do something similar in a recent thread. Unfortunately, the images in my comment are currently unavailable from PostImage.com.
  9. I very recently mentioned the desired functionality on another thread:
  10. MJW


    You might try the ShapeMaker plugin. (And grovelling for upvotes is unbecoming.) I'll add that I wish the line/curve tool had a mode allowing lines and curves to be chained end-to-end, so that the last point in one line/curve becomes the first point in the next. As far as adding more control points, each curve produced by the line/curve tool is a cubic polynomial, so four control points is an intrinsic limitation for that type of curve, since four points determine a cubic polynomial, just as two points determine a line segment.
  11. Assuming you're referring to BoltBait's Paste Alpha plugin, it should do what you want. Are you using it correctly? The alpha mask needs to be in the clipboard. It can be either a grey-scale mask, where black is transparent and white is opaque, or a mask of the actual alpha values to use. Which one is determined by the plugin's alpha-source control.
  12. I think it might be easier to write a plugin using CodeLab then it would be to use Python. Also, as I recall, Python is an interpreted language, so doing 100 subsamples per pixel would probably run like a dog (or I should say, "run like a tortoise" -- dogs run pretty darned quickly).
  13. Here is the disassembled transform code: protected override void InverseTransform(ref WarpEffectBase.TransformData data) { double x = data.X; double y = data.Y; double invertDistance = DoubleUtil.Lerp(1.0, base.DefaultRadius2 / (x * x + y * y), this.amount); data.X = x * invertDistance; data.Y = y * invertDistance; } That's the transformation that's applied to each subpixel. It takes the destination subpixel address and calculates the corresponding source subpixel address. The Quality setting determines the number of subsamples per pixel. The total subsamples per pixel is Quality squared, since that's the number of subsamples in each direction. So a setting of 10 would compute 100 subsamples per pixel. The X and Y values are floating point, not ints, to allow the transform to process subpixels. Lerp linearly interpolates between the first (1.0) and the second value, to determine the strength of the effect. The default radius is half the minimum of the height and width. DefaultRadius2 is that value squared.
  14. MJW

    Text Shape

    There are two things going on there. First the text is distorted so that the top is flat and the bottom is curved. Then a perspective tilt is applied. The first part can be done with Paste Warp+. Then Layers>Rotate/Zoom can be used to tilt the emblem. For the Paste Warp+ part: Type the text, and apply whatever color effects you want. Create a selection of the appropriate shape. Run Effects>Selection>Paste Warp+. The Horizontal Distortion should be set to 0. The Image Size, XY Proportion, and other controls should be set to get the best result. Keep the top of the text near to top of the selection to keep it straight. A quick example. The text: I created the selection by filling a window with black, then erasing half an ellipse from the bottom. Then I used the Magic Wand to select the opaque part. The mask looks like this: I copied the text to the clipboard, selected the transparent region of the mask with the Magic Wand, then inverted the selection. I ran Paste Warp+ with the following settings: Clipboard Image Size: 0.9353 Clipboard XY Proportion: -0.0874 Clipboard Image Offset, 0.000,0, 0.0007 Clipboard Image Rotation: 0.00 Horizontal Distortion: 0.0000 Horizontal Skew: 0.000 Vertical Distortion: 1.000 Vertical Skew: 0.0000 Antialias: Checked Antialias Quality: 4 The result is: When tilted backwards about 45°, I think it's a reasonable approximation of the "REDS" text in the original comment: Note: to make the final result less fuzzy, make the original text larger, so the Paste Warp+ doesn't have to magnify it as much. Also, I was a little careless, and chopped off a bit of the "S" in REDS when I used Paste Warp+. I should have set the Image Size slightly smaller. I was fooled by the fact that the S in the font I used is slightly larger than the other letters.