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  1. You assume because you couldn't do it, welshblue couldn't. It's quite easy for you to prove yourself wrong. Just go the the Tutorial forum, and look at welshblue's many excellent tutorials, such as his Brick tutorial. I have no doubt that if you saw the final images in competitions, you'd think he cheated. However, you can go through the tutorials step-by-step and produce the same images.
  2. Sorry there's no entry from me. I had a very specific idea of the image I wanted to produce, but not of how to produce it. I tried a number things, but none of the results was acceptable. Very frustrating!
  3. There are other commands, such as Fill Selection, which only work when there's an actual selection. Also, the menu versions of Copy and Copy Merge require a selection. I hypothesize that the Copy and Copy Merged keyboard shortcuts work without a selection because they correspond to standard Windows keyboard commands, which they are made to act like. Whatever the reason, I certainly appreciate that convenient behavior.
  4. I agree (and have proposed before) that all commands, such as Copy, and Fill Selection, should treat no-selection as if the entire canvas was selected. BTW, the keyboard shortcuts for Copy and Copy Merge do that already.
  5. Congratulations to the winners, and apologies for not voting. I meant to -- truly, I did -- but I was somewhat distracted this week, kept putting it off, and ended up forgetting until reminded by the Winners posting. I'll try to not let that happen again.
  6. Wow! That's pretty neat. I never noticed that Levels changes the control settings in Auto mode. I wish Indirect UI plugins could modify the controls that way. That seems like a pretty simple solution to the original request.
  7. No plugin (or adjustment or effect that acts like a plugin) could do that, because a plugin can only modify the selected pixels. There's probably some way to achieve a similar result, though I'm fairly certain there's nothing currently like that.
  8. I doubt it's possible to have multiple clipboards. The clipboard is part of Windows, and as far as I know, there's only one of them.
  9. For the flame theme, I wonder if a dark background should be allowed. In my opinion, fire against a white background doesn't work as well.
  10. Unfortunately, that's currently not possible for plugins that operate in separate windows, as Liquefy does. Plugins don't have access to information from any any layers except the active layer. However (as you may or may not already know), by right-clicking on the image in Liquify, you can select the Clipboard as the background image. This allows you to copy the merged lower layers to the Clipboard (with Ctrl+Shift+C), then use that as the Liquify background image. Not as good as having the other layers visible, but nevertheless very useful.
  11. So very sorry to hear this. I went to the lead post and again admired his remarkable building images. He also had the cleverest animated sig I've seen. The way the letters bunch together after being sawed always amuses me.
  12. I take it from this comment that you probably aren't using multisampling. If you aren't, why not? For this type of plugin it works quite well, and is generally very easy to add. I wrote a tutorial, showing the steps involved in converting a plugin without mutisampling into one with multisampling.