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  1. Congratulations to @lynxster4, @Manc and @barbieq25 for their excellent (even I wouldn't stoop to "eggs-ellent") entries! Thanks for the generous words, @Ladybug! (I am still working on a long-overdue plugin, but decided a little comp distraction would be welcome.)
  2. I don't think Pinta is some evil Paint.NET ripoff. The Wikipedia article says it's Open Source, was first released in 2010, and was "inspired by Paint.NET." I suspect it was originally derived from Paint.NET code at a time when PDN was still Open Source.
  3. I agree with @ruffles that that it would be better if the Primary and Secondary color selection in the color window would only be changed by the drop-down list. Also, there's an oddity about the way the selection is changed by the Color Picker. If the selection is Primary, and a color is right-clicked on, the selection only changes to Secondary if the clicked-on color is different from the current Secondary color. If the color matches the Secondary color, the selection remains at Primary. (The same is true the other way around.) EDIT: On second thought, I see the reason for changin
  4. Sorry I falsely accused you of Apiril Foolery. The timing and the fact that it seemed so much like a silly trick someone might pull led me to jump to apparently unwarranted conclusions. I do have a question: What happens if you click on the regions at the end of the rows where the entries would be? Is the foreground or background color set to white, or does it remain unchanged? If the color is set to white, you have 96 colors, but six of them are white when they should be something else. Or if the color changes to the color that would normally be at the end of the row, the problem
  5. Does this problem perhaps occur only once a year, on the first day of the cruelest month? (Or put more directly, did you fill the last column with white in an attempt to pull the wool over the eyes of us April Fish?)
  6. Instead of using the Magic Wand followed by Delete, I suggest using BoltBait's Paste Alpha plugin. The results will usually have smoother edges, and therefore look better.
  7. If I understand the question correctly, my Color Clearer plugin performs the desired operation. Just set the "Color to Make Transparent" to the background color (i.e, color a). It should be noted that there isn't a unique solution to the problem. A simple example is when colors a and b have the same RGB values. In that case, color c will be the same color, no matter what the opacity of color b. Basically for all cases, any amount of color a can be blended (from below) into color b without changing color c. Color Clearer always minimizes the opacity of color b.
  8. A slight correction. An Archimedean spiral doesn't tighten toward the center (unlike, for instance, a logarithmic spiral). The defining characteristic of an Archimedean spiral is that the distance between consecutive loops is constant.
  9. I forgot to mention that if you use Shape3D, for your purpose you'll want to turn off lighting. The lighting control is in the lower frame of the user interface.
  10. Assuming I correctly understand what you're trying to achieve, Shape3D will do what you want and more. It will transform the map into a sphere, which you can rotate so the north pole is centered. The default settings of "Sphere" and "Full Sphere Map" will be what you want.
  11. Though that's worth trying, when installing plugins, I always just copy-and-paste the .dll file from the .zip file folder, without unzipping, and it's always worked.
  12. I think you need to describe more clearly what you're trying to achieve. If you can't provide an example image, maybe you could tell us what the desired end-result would look like
  13. I raise a glass (figuratively, at least) to @lynxster4, @Pixey, @Manc and @Ladybug for their fine entries. I particularly like Pixey's striped mug, which is subtle but very realistic.
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