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  1. MJW

    OOTF#29 - Jack-o'-lantern - WINNERS.

    Congratulations to @welshblue, @lynxster4, @doughty, and @Seerose for their excellent entries. I liked the wide variety of techniques, and the fact that each jack o' lantern had its own distinct look. Thanks to Pixey for hosting this Halloween spook-fest!
  2. One method: Copy the image to the clipboard, expand the canvas, then run Selection>Paste From Clipboard with Tiling set to Alternately Tiled.
  3. Make sure the PNG Bit Depth is set to Auto-detect. The bit depth is specified in the Save Configuration menu, which appears as the last step in saving the file.
  4. Also, if you forget the shortcut, you can use the menu: Edit>Invert Selection. The menu also lists the shortcuts.
  5. Ed Harvey's plugin pack has a Color Filter effect that might be useful. You can also fill a layer above the picture layer with red, then set the red layer's blend mode to something appropriate, such as Multiply.
  6. Two built-in effects that might be useful are Effects>Blur>Surface Blur and Effects>Artistic>Ink Sketch.
  7. I'm not sure what you mean by "blend around her feet." Blend what? You're more likely to get useful advice if you explain in more detail what you're trying to do. Posting the photo would be helpful, though I realize you may not be comfortable posting a private photograph.
  8. MJW

    Tartan v1.5.1 (Sept 29, 2018)

    Thanks, @LionsDragon! (That reminds me to update my comment to include the image that was lost due to the PhotoBucket problems.)
  9. MJW

    Spot Restore Brush?

    After reading the original comment, I realize the answers didn't really address the question. There's no plugin that does this, or could do this, but it isn't too difficult to achieve, assuming we're just considering a singe layer. To restore a spot to what was in the original file, copy the original file into a new layer below the edited layer, then in the edited image, select the region to be restored, erase the selection, and merge down. To restore to an older edit, copy the layer to the clipboard, undo until you get to the version you want the spot restored to, paste the clipboard image into a new layer above restored version, erase the area to be restored, then merge down.
  10. MJW

    Spot Restore Brush?

    Null54's Content Aware Fill may also be helpful. I tried it with Sarkut's example pig picture, and it worked quite well, though some areas would require additional hand touch-ups. My approach was to add a new transparent layer, then paint over the areas I wanted to replace -- in the case of the pig picture, the fence. I then selected the painted region with the Magic Wand, switched layers to the image layer, and applied the Content Aware Fill. Many cases would be simpler, requiring only a selection with the Lasso tool. I did, however, find that replacing the whole fence in one fell swoop appeared to work better than replacing a small section at a time, since it seemed to eliminate the problem of the filled-in section containing parts of the fence from elsewhere in the image.
  11. To copy the image into the lower layer, it may sometimes be advantageous to use Paste From Clipboard in place of cutting and pasting
  12. It depends a lot on the the book cover, but there's a comment in a current thread that provides a link that may be useful. The basic idea is to erase the text and then, in a lower layer, fill in the missing regions with the other parts of the book cover.
  13. Try it now. I fixed the link. Also check the earlier comment in the same thread where I explain how I softened the edge after removing the background.
  14. Perhaps you're referring to my recoloring, done using the HSV Eraser. I explain the steps in this comment.