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  1. https://open.spotify.com/track/3cebW7o8SC2XyWedV67sS5?si=qbqS8TMtRMiYkP4ft6j3lg Found It Myself. Liked it since I first heard of a campaign called 2018: DOWNFALL.
  2. https://open.spotify.com/track/3t32EmK8F1TFah03ZjoLma?si=yvsCBBPhTk6wMtAoYBxBuA *Drunk influential builder noises*
  3. https://open.spotify.com/track/0cGrfjDXgEO9Kk4SyA7LsU?si=t2t31pw1QAy-wlwurXaE5g Spotify's finally open in Ukraine and other countries, so I'm posting spotify now. (btw Midnight Animal &'no cursing&' sucks)
  4. Highlights: 0:46 and 2:12 - 2:21 It's the theme from "Inside Lapenko"
  5. not so TV but Anthony Lapenko announced "Inside Lapenko 2"(orig. "Внутри Лапенко 2). It was confirmed on Lapenko's Instagram Page.
  6. Thanks. Now if you excuse me, This thread somehow must be closed till my next birthday (lol i somehow don't know how to close this thread). I don't want to clog The grand theory of everything with dead bday threads.
  7. welp, then, time to look at the calendar what do we have here... Whoaaaaaa, holy unbelieveable '&no cursing'&, It's my birthday today! So yeah, I created this thread so you can send me birthday cards or something else I'd be very thankful.
  8. this thing is coming in 2022 on Netflix. Won't promise that I would watch it. Looks promising tho.
  9. quarantine's not ending yet, I can go out anyway, but It doesn't speed me up on what I'm doing
  10. Steam Summer Sales are live. Bought Maximum Action (Which I'm refunding rn because it doesn't run on a 32-bit system), Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Enter The Gungeon and Terraria.
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