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  1. I have a lotta music, gonna link them playlists in this post: https://soundcloud.com/asirensure/sets/coffee-break https://soundcloud.com/michaelmccannmusic/sets/deus-ex-human-revolution-soundtrack https://soundcloud.com/user-660863196/sets/red-star-music (<from an actually good campaign) https://soundcloud.com/dddt5/sets/miami-menace https://soundcloud.com/assholefromctf_2fort/sets/equalizerost (My project, sorry, if something)
  2. Uhhh... I joined this forum at 15th of November and kinda doing nothing on this forum Because I'm busy and I have no complaints. Hi there anyway, I'm CsyeCok The Soldier. I'm in this forum when I wave a problem with PDN. I make sprites for a game called "Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number" for my project, which will be released in the Steam Workshop. I use PDN to make sprites (since a part of the HLM2 modding community uses it) and for messing around with pictures.
  3. Well I tried to register and when I answered the between x pm and y pm question I somehow got it wrong. I remember I answered by typing a number first
  4. Thought it was GIMP-like (yes I migrated from GIMP to P.N). Thanks for the tip
  5. Hello. I have a problem with copying and pasting in paint.net The program pastes transperancy and the following happens: 1. I select an object I want to copy and paste and I also select some free space 2. I copy and paste it and when I move it to the object to the left, this happens! How can I paste an object with free space not like this?