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  1. I got serious issues and here are the bug file... backtrace.txt
  2. Me too... It works perfectly on my Paint.NET 4.0.9 at Windows partition. My lappy GPU is ATI Radeon HD4200, so that's a factor. How about yours ? I believe Nvidia users also get benefits from Google Nik Plugins. BTW, I have problems to run PSFilterShim.exe while using PSFilter plugins on Paint.NET 3.5.11 at my Linux partition. I can't understand why. Each time I tried to run the plugin, I bumped to the same message from Wine. Any ideas and how to solve it ?
  3. For those who had installed Paint.NET via PlayOnLinux only... Is This 'Window 98-like' display appears too dull and not a happy ambient for you ? Simply installing Luna Theme, and you'll get an ambient that closer to the native surrounding in Windows. Open PlayOnLinux, choose Configure ( the one with gear icon )> Select the virtual drive where you installed Paint.NET. Choose Install Component and then choose Luna Theme. All the best !
  4. Because I failed to install Paint.NET with actual Wine. On both Linux Mint and Linux Lite. I need to install it as an admin or failed to continue the installations, each time, and I'm simply giving up. Now my issue was solved and hopefully my experience can help other people who migrated from Windows to Linux Lite. p/s : 1. I can drag pictures directly to Paint.NET window in Linux Lite, which never happened when I was still with Linux Mint. As long as that picture isn't a high-res picture. 2. With PlayOnLinux, we can install some softwares that were impossible to install at actual
  5. Updates : I'm able to install Paint.NET 3.5.11, following dipstick's method after more than two failed attempts. The cause of failure : no python library was installed in previous installations of PlayOnLinux ( corrupted installations ). So please make sure that it's a complete installations of PlayOn Linux. Reinstalling PlayOnLinux if you failed to install Paint.NET. The screenshot of Paint.NET 3.5.11 in ubuntu-based Linux Lite system.
  6. It works on Linux Mint 17.3 KDE 'Rosa', but failed in Linux Lite 3.0...
  7. So far... Perfect ! My .ora line file that I made with Paint.NET is successfully open in both Krita and MyPaint : The screenshot in Paint.NET : https://i.imgsafe.org/19c78de.png The screenshot in Krita : https://i.imgsafe.org/2c1637b.png The screenshot in MyPaint : https://i.imgsafe.org/2b6dec7.png All of it are too big for the displaying in the forum.
  8. Okay, let me say something. I like both works, somehow I have to be fair. In this case, I'm treating signatures like shops' signboards. It needs clarity to stand out and showing the corporate identity of the shop. At the same time, I'm using seven elements of arts ( Lines, Space, Tone, Colours, Textures, Shapes & Forms ) and principles of designing ( Balance, Contrast, Emphasis, Movement, Pattern, Rhythm, Unity ) 'penalty shoot-out' to decide the winner. Line (s )- Limon 0 DrewDale 1 Space- Limon 0 DrewDale 1 Tone - Limon 0 DrewDale 1 Colours- Limon 1 DrewDale
  9. Oh ! I'm sorry to read that, Si Borg ! Get Well Soon !
  10. Congratulations, ReMake ! I like this plugin. It helps me in extracting images and so many purposes.
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