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The orange abstract is super, sokagirl! Wow! I am amazed at how the designs are so detailed. Very nice with that one. And the kaleidoscope is definitely colorful. It's a beautiful image. Keep it up!

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Glad to see you playing with the effects and with color. It is the best way to learn and I see you getting better. Color is a personal thing and all of our monitors vary. When someone does not like my color choice I think maybe it just looks better on my computer. I sometimes will check out an image on my husbands computer or in the office and there is a difference. I love color! I sometimes try and see how many different colors I can get in an image. Yours is wonderful, lots of color.

Happy New Year!


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@ bjarni , thank you :P

@barbieq , thanks for stopping by :D

@Helen , many thanks for the comment . :mrgreen:

@Janettsue , I agree with what you said it's true about colors . I try to create things pleasing to the eyes , never mean to hurt anyone's eyes .. Sometimes the colors just don't agree . Thanks for looking and leaving me such kind words . :P

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The first one is great :D very nice flow.

Second one has too many colors in it for my liking, but moreover it is still good. Maybe try an abstract with a set number of colors say like maybe 3?


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@ butterfly , thanks I'm glad you like it .

@Bjarni , I thank you for the comment

@Goonfella , many thanks to you , you know that one is my favorite ..

@Aislin , thanks girl :mrgreen:

@theonlychad , thanks for the tip . I didn't start with all those colors I always use two colors to begin but after all the layering and blending it came out with a lot of colors . Thanks for looking and commenting everyone :wink:

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The one in blue and white from the last page is amazing. Reminds me of winter. :wink:

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