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  1. trust me! Dafont is safe! I get all my fonts from there and I never get any virus/bugs, you can ask other people too, dont worry about it.
  2. Well first you should post your sig in the sig/avatar umbrella in the pictourim (viewtopic.php?f=26&t=22619) because I dont think its allowed to post a seprate thread on 1 sig. Anyways, its good, not sure what you could work on, just play around with layers and effects until you get somthing decent. When you get more experinced I would check out some tuts and some tricks to further benifent your talent. Oh Ive got somthing, maybe use a unqie diffrent font...(go to dafont.com to get some cool fonts)
  3. I voted, would really liked to see some metal and bark texture tuts, maybe some water.
  4. I dont really like your vader sig, it just looks...boring to me. Not sure what you could do to fix it, though.
  5. Very easy and simple tut! I will surley use this when I try my attempt at my first spacescape.
  6. The First one is AMAZING :shock: I coudlnt even think of how to do it. Well, first you should edit your first post and rename your thread to My Gallery or somthing, so that when you make more images you can post them here. Also, I like the 2nd image too, I like how its cartoonish. One more thing, dont bump.
  7. Love that sword! =D SO FRIKIN AWESOME =D TUT TUT TUT TUT TUT!!
  8. *agrees with Boltbait* But anyways, this is a PDN form and I shouldnt be getting Off topic, one thing you might do is copy a part of the texture of the dress and then put it there, and make like play around with sin waves to make a bra form, and yeah just play around with effects...
  9. possum has come to blow the compietion away, Great job. =D
  10. WOW! =D, Awesome work! I love all of them =D
  11. I saw it about 2 weeks ago, very good movie, it gives you a a confusing situation and leaves you hanging and then it pulls you back in with somthing un expected.
  12. mah new avatar and sig combo...I think somethings wrong with my avatar..is there anything I could maybe do to it?
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