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@ Oma , may thanks for stopping by . I know you're very busy and it means a lot for you to do so :P

@ Helen they are mostly done with a variety of things like color flip rotate , duplicating layers and playing with the blend modes , using a lot of gradient . It's amazing what you can create with gradients .. Last but never the least Polar Inversion and sometimes the droste :mrgreen:

@barbieq , thanks sweetie :wink:

Here's something I wanted to make the tunnel of love but had no idea as to how to create the rocks around the tunnel :roll: and I took Oma's advice about the glowing light and making it into something else , using layers and such I came up with a butterfly in a garden :D

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You still busy Sokagirl :) , so many many wonderful abstracts, now you have your own special beautiful style, I like all of them but I can't name these 2 and they are my favs in you new collection:

, I see tiny winged aliens having tiny faces in this image :)


And this one remind me of a beautiful clear sunrise, well done Sokagirl.


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@barbieq , thanks for the comment , glad you like it .

@Helen , happy to see you here . Thank you for commenting

@A Fleeting Glimpse , yes I see .. I tried it out and it looks far out :lol:

@Yellowman , so happy that you like them . You're right I do have my own style and I have you all to thank for inspiring me and telling me to keep going when I tried to quit ..

Here's something very different , I was going to call it playdoh but I'm not sure if some you people ever heard of it , it was a kids play thing that looked like clay :lol: anyways i'm calling this piece " Clay Bird "

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I can see you are really experimenting and stretching your wings on these last few images. Just those extra few things you've been throwing into the mix have stepped up your images quite a bit. Lovely as always, you've an eye for beauty that shows in your art. It is always such a pleasure coming by your gallery. I don't always leave a message but my morning wander thru the galleries always brings me by here for an uplift.

ciao OMA

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@ Oma , I love to visit your Gallery as well . You are an inspiration to me :P

@ Welshblue , why thank you kindly ..

@ barbieq , thank you very much .

Now so far I have not seen any plastic , this came about by surprise and I want to dedicate this piece to everyone who inspired me to carry on , helped me grow and leaving me kind words .. Thank you all , hope you like it :mrgreen:

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:shock: the work you are producing is just getting better and better, the colours in the first one are beautiful, the next one makes me think of crystal, the next where you have used layers etc. is wonderful it has structure and depth as do the others.... im getting a lot of pleasure from watching your work develop and expand :D

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very good soka you are getting better and better at abstracts everyday i really enjoy your latest two images and they are your best yet in the abstract spectrum. I would also love to see more 3d art from you like your Chinese lamp because that was absolutely brilliant.


"Clearly it's a very serious and literal meaning. If you're not solving physics equations then get off my lawn!-Rick Brewster Paint.net Lead Developer"

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@ A Fleeting Glimpse , Ha ha .. I do use a lot of layering :P

@ Aislin , aww don't worry about it .. I understand :wink:

@ barbieq , thanks sweetie :D

@ theonlychad , you haven't seen the silly 3d thing I made on page 25 ?? I really would love to create more neater things ..

Something weird I think .. " Paranoid Eyes " I decided to call it that because the shape of it sort of looks like an eyeball :lol:

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Right O Kemaru :lol: ha ha .. I understand what you mean that's what I seem to have a problem with , same goes for my signatures .. Thanks for looking though , I appreciate it :wink:

Hopefully people would find this one more tasteful ?? I don't know :D

This time I chose to go with different colors that I've never used ..

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Very nice, but I dont like the colors :?

Is it done with Polar Inversion?

Too bad if you don't like colors .. Ha ha , j/k :lol: I had it in blue and white but changed it to something different seems like I always use blue or purple so I wanted to go with something I had never used before .

Your second question , was it done with polar in version ? yes it was :mrgreen:

@ barbieq , thanks for dropping by :wink: your comments always appreciated .

Not going to be posting here much but I just wanted to leave you with something ..


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