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@ Possum , thanks for dropping by . I'm glad you liked it it's one of my faves ..

@ theonlychad , aha . Dark art , I would love to create more it's not as easy especially creating from scratch 100%pdn is what I always aim for ..

@ Ancient Shed , well it's pretty simple .. I mostly do a lot of experimenting with all the plug ins . Variation of colors , blending and duplicating .. Use layering , lots .

My new piece : " A piece of my heart "


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Thanks everyone for the kinds words .. Not liking it very much though , didn't really come out the way I wanted it to .

@ Oma , sadly no . There wont be any Valentines for or from me , no matter Valentines is vastly overrated anyways ..

Here's something strange looking .. Not sure what it is , maybe a space heater for Aliens ? :lol:

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Sokagirl, I like your sigs, latestn is very well done.

Something Landed reminds me of wood lice or slaters, pill bugs (not sure really what the're called. You know the grey insects that live under wood etc in the garden.

Ayways very nice!


Knowledge is no burden to carry.


April Jones, 2012

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@ barbieq , thank you .. Eeww bugs :lol: maybe a giant bug zapper .

@ Oma , ah yes the experimenting I've been doing a lot of that lately .

@ A Fleeting Glimpse I wished I had a mind like yours , love your work :P

@ bjarni , why thank you kindly because here's part 2 of it ..

Although this piece looks more like a Lava lamp of some sort ?


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@ bjarni , thank you :P glad you liked it .

@ barbieq , a jewel in the making I like that concept but unfortunately I suck at that :lol:

@ Chrisco , for you I will add a new section to my Gallery .

@ Helen , so happy to make you smile . It makes my work all the more worth the time taken :wink:

@ 0(-.-)0 , thanks for your comments :D

@ A Fleeting Glimpse , well don't hold your breath :lol: the Galleria hasn't been updated since July of last year :roll: I had put in some nominations but haven't heard a peep ?? Layering oh yes there's lots of it , ha ha . Well okay maybe not tons but there's lots .. Thanks so much for coming by :mrgreen:

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Hi, sometimes I see an image and I think, 'OH I did something like that'. I saw your green stars in the abstract thread and knew you had been playing with shapes. I like that one.


"One can't complain. I have my friends. Someone spoke to me only yesterday." EEYORE

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