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  1. Yes he has to uncheck the layers he does not want to save in that pdn and it will ask him to flatten if he has more than one. He did say each individual layer so he shouldn't have any others checked for the pdn he wants to save. butterfly
  2. Even I know that you can just highlight a layer and use file save as and it will only save what is on the highlighted layer. butterfly.
  3. butterfly


    You have very pretty pictures in your gallery. I like the shiny ones best. butterfly
  4. I do not understand what Blooper means . I like it just the way it is. You have a very nice gallery. butterfly
  5. The picture with the orange sun is very nice. I do not like so much the one with the blue earth. butterfly
  6. The blue one is my favourite. I like shiny things. This is very pretty. butterfly
  7. Hello Helen, I agree with my oma. It is so pretty. I like the bright colors. butterfly
  8. I miss clicking the view active topics. If its not going to work maybe it should be off the top of the page. It is confusing When I log in, I just move the mouse there and clik and nothing happens. . Thank you butterfly
  9. Thankyou barbieq25. I hope to make some more things for my Christmas scrapbook. butterfly
  10. I like that little bee, you are so creative. butterfly
  11. I like those red shoes the best of the pictures you have placed in your gallery. They look like they are made for flying. If you can guess by my login name I like things that fly. butterfly
  12. the bottle called Little Alice is wonderful. I very much like your gallery. The rose is so perfect looking. butterfly
  13. I think that little Parrot is very cute. That is very imaginative, and the colors are so brilliant. butterfly
  14. Hello my name is butterfly. I have been using paint.net for over a year. I started with this program thru a friend I met on Deviant Art. I enjoyed her pictures and she helped me by e mail to learn many things. butterfly
  15. I have been watching your work for a long time and decided to join today to tell you how much I like your gallery. butterfly
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