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Thanks once again for the kind words everyone :mrgreen: glad you all liked it . Can you believe it was made from clouds , smudging then polar transformation and a bunch of duplicating :lol: I never knew you could do a lot with the clouds effect ..

Now this one is just plain silly , an eyeball being sucked in by the shell creature :lol: the eyeball was made with Ash tutorial :mrgreen: the creature was originally a half sphere the I got the idea from TwisterD I think shape3d illusion which he posted in the general questions thread , anyways enjoy :wink:

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Very original to say the least. But very well done too. :wink:

When I saw that eyeball being sucked in I immediately thought of how an astronaut would look at the event horizon of a black hole. Gravity is so strong that he would appear stretched out just like this. :)



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@ helen why you are so right :P

@ Oma glad you it made you smile :mrgreen:

@ barbieq thanks for the comment :wink:

@ Goonfella wow this is the first time you've visited my Gallery , I feel so honored .

@ Welshblue always an honor of your presence . I used to scared of shape3d but now I'll keep it in mind in trying different things with it .

Something made with the good ol' polar Inversion :lol: among other things like gradient and many duplications ..


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Thanks barbieq :P

@ A Fleeting Glimpse you gave a great idea , now if i can only pull it through :lol:

@ MidgetAlien thanks for the comment ..

Okay so I'm going to try AFG suggestion but in the mean time in lieu of the holiday season I decide to come up with something totally different than your average Christmas present I'm calling this a " Alien Christmas present " it's 100% pdn including the green bow on top :lol:


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@ YY10 well it's supposed to reflect , it's from out of this world :lol:

@Welshblue Oh wow I never even thought of that , the noise would make the bow glittery . Thanks for the tip I will keep it in mind .

@Midgetalien , yes even Aliens have Christmas . Glad you like it .

@Helen thank you dear , perhaps there's something bizarre inside like a glowing eye :lol:

@barbieq , always a pleasure getting a comment from you .

@Possum Roadkill , thank you I didn't know so many people would like it ..

Well I do hope everyone have a safe and happy holidays .

Just adding some small things here ..

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You've been so busy. I'm having trouble keeping up. puff puff I feel like I just ran a 10 mile run though your lovely gallery... so many great additions since I've had a chance to visit last.

can't name them all but the Alian present is so sparky looking. I like how you managed that challenge..

The fairy is lovely, and glowing light I can see going a few more layers with bits and pieces of this part showing. I'm thinking cavernous??? The one you say is a lame ornament really isn't lame at all. I'd like to see you cut that circular part out and finish making an ornament top. use one of the plugins to make multiple colored versions of it hang them from strings. One siggy that comes to mind is how Goonfellow did his. That "Lame" image would work so well!

great job. and have a wonderful Christmas!

ciao OMA

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