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Your mandelbulb work I enjoyed a lot. The couple of pieces that we worked on as a collab were a joy to do. I see the mandelbulb pieces you do & my mind whirls with possibilities. I don't know how you work the program. I am still trying to get my head around PDN. Glad you got a new computer & happy to see you back here as Sokagirl.


Knowledge is no burden to carry.


April Jones, 2012

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Thanks for commenting on my sig. Seem I usually get more comment about sig than about artwork. Weird.

Anyway, I love what you do with Mandelbulb. I once downloaded it, played with it for a short while and decided it wasn't for me. Some of your Mandelbulb works are very impressive.

Officially retired from this forum. Have a nice day.

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Thanks again Lance , well I almost gave up on the Mandelbul many times over but somehow I have gotten used to it , lol . I love your arts as well as your signatures .

@blackpenny , thanks for the comment .

I have something new for Yellowman , since he likes seeing faces , lol .

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Great work with the bulb. Little late to the party so it took me a few to realize the main gallery post was the new post ... Or something like that. Will be nice to see some new blends without diving into DA etc.

Still looking for the faces, but I have it tagged for later once my mind shifts away from routing tables to something less structured. :D

Thanks for sharing again here abouts.


Gallery at PDN-Fans

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