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  1. Meh, it's fine, colors aren't nice, but it's good 7.5|10
  2. Cool, but too small, colors are nice 7|10 Next person please rate these two: &
  3. Nice walls mate By the way, It is "The Netherlands", not "netherlands" :D
  4. I really like simplicity, it's great, but it looks so simple Great job on the trees
  5. Great use of dents, the other pieces are nice too
  6. Wow :shock: it's really great, I just love it. Masterpiece
  7. Your gallery is amazing, I really love your realistic pieces, especially your pet sword fish
  8. The frog is cute and those insects are amazing
  9. Nice, But don't like the colours. 8|10 Please rate my sotw entry:
  10. My try: Stock: http://www.veryicon.com/icon/png/Object/Nova/Top%20hat.png
  11. Maybe turn it into a jewel? It's nice, I like the colours.
  12. Your last is really good, I like that texture.
  13. Busy, but in the good way. I really like the 3D-letters
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