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  1. I really like simplicity, it's great, but it looks so simple Great job on the trees
  2. Wow :shock: it's really great, I just love it. Masterpiece
  3. The frog is cute and those insects are amazing
  4. Wow :shock: That's really awesome HELEN, the shading is perfect. Looks delicious.
  5. Nice one Oma, as I said in your gallery Here is one I just finished: It's my first try at jewelry
  6. Congratulations Crimson. I voted ZE
  7. That's really nice barbieq, you like dragons?
  8. @Yellowman Thanks, no the brush is not made in PDN, I might try that though.
  9. Brilliant pieces Goonfella, monkey face, oma and Kemura. I tried to make something weird lately, idea was fun, the outcome is not so good: Painting Apples Any tips/advice to make it better?
  10. Wow, it's great, it looks very realistic, totally agree with Oma.
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