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  1. As usual. Another crisp and vibrant piece of work from Helen. Keep it up!
  2. Fantastic work on the fairy clouds HELEN. You did an amazing job using contrast to make the clouds vibrant.
  3. Haven't stopped by in a while. Great work again HELEN. Another top notch glossy as expected!
  4. Excellent work on the bracelet! You're a very detailed artist, Pixey.
  5. Yea there's a good bulk of members that joined in 07 that are still active or somewhat active on here: oma: January 07 pyrochild: April 07 Sozo: April 07 DarkShock: May 07 HELEN: June 07 Mike Ryan: August 07 EER: October 07 Simon Brown: November 07 It's great to still see you guys here. I was still in high school when I joined.
  6. I just hit my 7 years today! Time sure does fly. I'm glad a lot of you guys are still here.
  7. Void? Is that you?! Whoa! Long time, no see!
  8. I don't know why, but I got a visual image of you doing that.
  9. @nitenurse79: You're no outsider. A lot of us know your name. I'd consider you a regular. Me, on the other hand, I feel like an outside sometimes because I disappear from time to time.
  10. Amazing job on both pieces. I don't know anyone that can make those berries shine as well as you HELEN.
  11. Well I guess I'm going to have to eat my words from my last post. This is now the best glossy yet! Amazing collaboration from the both of you. Still great to see sokagirl keeping in touch with us.
  12. Hands down your best glossy yet! Another great job HELEN!
  13. That looks awesome welshblue. It looks like cracked ice cubes spelling out your name. Well done!
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