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@ Helen , thank you .. Actually I'm trying things with shape3d it's a wonder what comes out of it .

@ Welshblue , necklace yes but I have no clue as to add links to it , I thought it looked more like orb trapped inside a peach .

@ Janettsue , thank you for the comment ^_~

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Beautiful colours on the heart ... a dented heart for Valentines ... love your thinking :lol:

How to make links ... there was a tut by cjmcguinness, but I can't find it; it must have been moved. I'll ask D.A if he'll reinstate it :wink:

I think the tut was called 'make a chain' I found a link to it but like so many links I get the message 'You are not authorised to view' yes they misspell authorized.

I hope if you find out why this is or if they fix it you will let me know.

Sokagirl I am liking your dented Heart. Hope your dog feels better soon. If you can't find the -how to make links- tut let me know I have a folder full of tuts that I printed out and I might have it.

Your last image reminded me of the scary look on my cats face when she wants something.


"One can't complain. I have my friends. Someone spoke to me only yesterday." EEYORE

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Thanks AFG and Janettsue actually Sarkut pm'd me with a tutorial for the links . Thank you for helping .. It's too bad they removed the legacy tutorials thread .. :cry: there was a lot of good ones there . Me too , I'm so worried about my girl .

Here's something colorful for you all :P

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*Golf clap*

I quite like the "Twister" piece and many of your signatures.


..................Peace is a lie

.............There is only passion

.......Through passion I gain strength

........Through strength I gain power

.........Through power I gain victory

....Through victory my chains are broken

..........The Force shall set me free


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