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I am back from ths dead , ha ha . Finally found my profile it was on page 10 , no surprise there . I sort of promised Chrisco that if I ever got another computer I would come back here , I hate not keeping m promise so here I am . I do thank all the developers here because without Paint.Net I would never had gotten my first daily deviation on Deviant art so thanks everyone anyways I will be posting something every now and then . Here's the first it was made with the Mandelbulb3d program . It's called " Ornamental "

I made this with the Mandelbulb3d program , duplicated the layers , color cross processing with Paint.Net of course , anyways he said he enjoyed seeing faces in my art so this is for him , hope he likes it ?



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First thing to do is edit the title removing the layer that contains 'Not Worthy' , flatten and repost as 'Sokagirl's Gallery' :D

To often we are our own worst critics, from what i see here you are more than worthy.

Always remember 'For every Michelangelo, there is a Picasso' is one better than the other ??? i think not....

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@Ash unfortunately not , the eyeball was a render . I did how ever tried making an eyeball with your tutorial I just don't know how to make the veins look realistic .

@ Oma once again thank you very much ..

@Yellowman No those are renders .. Gee if I were that good I would have an gallery as soon as I got here :oops: I would love to learn how to make something like that though . I'm not good with drawing as my arms are damaged from the Arthritis that I'm suffering from and I can't get shapes to turn out right :cry: But thanks anyways ..

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@A Fleeting Glimpse , aha . The bloody tentacles , nice ... Thanks for the comment about my cube . I made this box thing with almost glass looking balls on top of it :lol:


Beautiful ! I think the balls look like they are inside of the box. Very very nice.


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Mental blocks tend to stem from 'Trying to hard'....try adopting my approach 'Shape the colour' rather than 'Colour the shape’.... Open a new canvas and kick around colours, effects, distortions and see if an idea forms from there, I have to admit my approach is a bit unorthodox but it works for me.... :D

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Wow! I just love what you have done and the spider is sooooo cute. After viewing your work it has inspired me (as the weather is absolutely awful outside) to get stuck-in to a few tutorials :wink:


How I made Jennifer & Halle in Paint.net

My Gallery | My Deviant Art

"Rescuing one animal may not change the world, but for that animal their world is changed forever!" anon.

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