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  1. Hey Welsh I am here , lol . Thanks for asking , doing great at Deviantart I feel much love there , sadly I don't feel it here except for a few people like you , Helen , Barbie of course I had a great time doing a collabotaion with her , she is amazing to work with until next time cheers everyone
  2. Thanks again Lance , well I almost gave up on the Mandelbul many times over but somehow I have gotten used to it , lol . I love your arts as well as your signatures . @blackpenny , thanks for the comment . I have something new for Yellowman , since he likes seeing faces , lol .
  3. I seen it , silly me . Also faved them ^_^ love your work my dear ..
  4. Oh wow , sorry to hear about that Welsh . I had a nice Christmas I got a new Laptop computer with windows7 yay , a mouse for my computer , table for my computer , neighbors brought my home baked cookies and loaf , lol . A puzzle , action figure and pen Whew .. Oh and socks , underwear a thick blanket with a big tiger on it .
  5. @barbie - Thanks and you know you are always welcomed to use my Mandelbulb pieces anytime you like ^_^ @Lance - Thank you and I love your new signature ^_~
  6. Well , hope things start looking up here , anyways congrats on the Monet award ..
  7. Dark Dreams is my favorite , your works keep blowing me away ..
  8. Oh dear Helen you have posted so many beautiful art here , I love secrets and inner glow . It's not in Deviant art , I have not seen it ?
  9. Thanks Helen , I'll try and post something maybe once a week so it bog down everyone , lol . And Yellowman thanks for your kind words , I seem to have forgotten how to create those faces in pictures I need to tone up on PDN .
  10. Will have to give this onea shot , just love working with gradients . Thanks for the tut ^_^
  11. Yeah I'm back had a hard time finding my Gallery , after going through 10 pages I foun myself anyways lets see how things go .. Page 1 has something new .
  12. Only two comments ? I thought we did very well , an awesome piece at that . Always knew this place was screwed , by the way congrats on getting the piece into the Galleria .
  13. is not here anymore

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