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The definitive and free resource for locating plugins. Updated monthly.

Written and maintained by SodiumEnglish and Ego Eram Reputo

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Point your Kindle's browser to the link (bookmark it!) and it should download effortlessly straight to you Kindle.

Strangely, my Kindle doesn't want to download this file even though it's a .MOBI which the Kindle should recognize.

If your Kindle doesn't want to download this file directly, then you can still download it with any other browser and transfer it to you Kindle.

I will investigate this. Perhaps I need to make it an AZW or something...,

Edit: No luck. Just download it and transfer :(

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July Update

Two new effects this month

InputToOutput+ - @Xarx

Sets one image channel (RGBA) from another channel or from other basic pixel characteristic (CMYK component, HSV component, luminance, etc,)

Selection2clear - @Red ochre

Makes the selection transparent, whilst leaving the selection active.

Kindle version has been updated on my website (download uncompressed .MOBI file).

Kindle Edition: Click Here

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August Update

One new effect this month, and the removal of the plugin pack by @AhmedElyamani as this is not longer available for download.

Color > Self-Negation - @Xhin

Does the equivalent of taking a selection, adding it to another layer, setting the layer mode to "Negation" and flattening it.

Kindle Edition: Click Here

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There is a downloadable PDF file attached to the first post in this thread ;)

I make the MOBI file available so users can read the Plugin Index of their Kindles.

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Thank you so much Ego Eram Reputo for this index and continued updating of same. It has proven to be very useful for me and I have used it many times along with checking for new updates/plugins. Now my only problem is that I have so many plugins I can't decide what to try next,lol. :)



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You're welcome skullbonz.

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:) It's part of my master plan - taking over the world one Kindle at a time! :lol:
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September Update

Six new plugins this month, including an updated version of the JPEG 2000 filetype plugin. The old plugin has been flagged as "superseded".

Alpha-Threshold - @Red ochre

Allows manipulation of transparency (Alpha) in a layer which already has a range of alpha values.

Bizarro-Negation v1.0 - @Xhin

Creates abstract art using a technique which duplicates the layer, flips it horizontally and vertically, sets it to negation.

JPEG 2000 - @null54

Filetype. Loads and saves JPEG 2000 images, superseding the old JPEG 2000 plugin.

Lens Flare (aka CameraTrouserFlare) - @sradforth

Adds the light induced lens flare effect to images.

Selection Obscure/Removing/Hiding - @sradforth

Remove dust/spots/freckles/moles/left over food/extra limbs/etc.. This is a little like small scale seam carving.

Text+ - @dpy

Render text specifing line spacing, location, direction, color and font pitch. Useful for when you need precise placement of text.

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October Update

Six new entries this month, including the return of Ahmed's plugins and an Optimized JPEG filetype. Pyrochild's Grid Warp is worthy of inspection too!

Ahmed's Plugins -

Plugin Pack. Contains: Apply Color, Cartoonize, Color Switch, Clarifaction+, InkSketch+, Posterize+, Quick Gravity & Vibration

Tint Splinter -

Take one RGB channel and shift it to another, for example shift green to red.

Rainbow-Splitter -

Split an image into two sections, both of which can be colored by a repeating colored gradient of your choice.

Grid Warp -

Distort an image by overlaying a warping grid which has dragable intersection nodes.

Optimized JPEG -

Filetype. Optimizes JPEG images using jpegtran. The Visual C++ 2010 SP1 runtime is required (x86 for a 32-bit OS, or x64 for a 64-bit OS).

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November Update

Nine new plugins this month! Enjoy....

Alpha to Dots -

Resets alpha values in the image to 0 or 255, based on the original alpha value. The result is a ""dotty"" transition instead of a blended one".

Cell Texture -

Produces a myriad of neighboring 'cells'. Hugely configurable.

Color Dimmer -

Dims the individual RGB channels.

Dot Plugin -

Reduce an image to monochrome comprised of dark dots on a light background.

Local Noise -

Similar to the Frosted Glass effect, but with more configuration options (Radius, Strength, Coverage, Distance Bias, etc…,).

Object Edges -

Independently recolour the edges or middle of an object to produce outlines or bevel effects.

Object2color -

Recolour opaque objects with anti-aliased edges on a transparent layer.

Remove Dust -

Removes photogaphic dust by minutely clone-stamping them out.

Subtract Color -

An easy to use color remover (i.e. color-to-alpha).

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December Update

Four new plugins this month for you to enjoy.

Curly Lines -

Render all kinds of curly (and straight) lines. Intimidating UI is well explained in companion PDF.

Seamless Move -

Helps create seamless images. Somewhat similar to Seamless Texture Maker

Stipple -

Replaces an image with a ""dotted"" version (circles with density depending on the image brightness).

Turbulent.Effect -

Two plugins to render lines and circles combined with turbulence. Useful to create textures like marble, wood slides, flowers, etc…,

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January Update - Happy New Year!

Four new plugins this month, including two new filetype plugins.


Paper Kaleidocycles - @Martin Osieka

This plugin allows the creation of nets for kaleidocycles.  A kaleidocycle is a ring of pyramids which can be twisted inwards and outwards to show different sides of the pyramids.


Photoshop Brush - @null54

Filetype. Load and save brushes used by Adobe® Photoshop®.  Brushes sampled from image data are supported, dynamically computed brushes are ignored.


Photoshop Pattern - @null54

Filetype. Load Pattern files used by Photoshop's Fill command. Only Grayscale, Indexed and RGB mode patterns (8-bit and 16-bit) are supported.


Photoshop Swatch Converter - @null54

This external program (not a plugin) converts Photoshop color swatches (ACO files) to Paint.NET.  Swatches with more than 96 colors are split into multiple parts.  RGB, HSB, CMYK and Grayscale color modes are supported.

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February Update

A single new plugin this month, the excellent Clipwarp!


Clipwarp - @Red ochre
Deforms a clipboard image 'around' an object. Useful for creating glass and metallic effects.


Also added the omitted Autochrome to MadJik's Plugin Pack:

MadJik' all plugins - @MadJik


Members with a keen eye will note the addition of a link to the epub edition in the first post :star:

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March Update

There are no new plugins this month, but there are dozens of new entries in the Plugin Index.   I've been unpacking some of the Plugin Packs and listing all the individual effects.  I'm around 60% complete so this month is only a partial update.


What is new is the formatting of the Plugin Index!


Alphabetical plugin listings
These listings now span four posts to house all the new information.  The new information supplied is: Type of effect, Release Date, Status, DLL Name and Menu location.
Type of effect: Effect, Adjustment, Filetype, External Resource & Plugin Pack.

Effect Status:

Active - still working or still in development.

Depreciated - may still work but a newer version or technique has largely replaced this plugin.

Obsolete - Either does not work, has been completely replaced or is unavailable for download.  In other words don't attempt to download this plugin.
Unsupported - Author is no longer developing this plugin.  It may still work, but don't bother crying if it doesn't.
Built In - Plugin is part of Paint.NET itself.

Listings by author
These listings have been reduced in size so they fit in two posts.  No new information is supplied with these listings.



PDF, Epub & Kindle versions
These files is unchanged in format.  The update is a work in progress and these electronic files will eventually carry all the new information listed above.



Oh and thanks to Pyrochild we have a new Donate button - where you can specify the size of your donation and change the currency too!

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Thanks for starting this mammoth task, it will be very useful.

Are you using some bespoke code to glean the info or just the manual method, or a combination?

Perhaps we can expect an 'EER's choice' list of some of the forgotten or hidden gems you have unearthed?

(Just a thought:-
Not wanting to 'break the camel's back', but have you considered a simple,  alphabetical list of .dll names and the effects they relate to? - It is sometimes not obvious which effects depend upon a shared .dll - until you delete it!
I don't think links would be necessary as these are in the main lists and shared .dlls may not show up under the effect name. eg 'BaseUtility.dll', 'ComputeShaderEffects.dll', 'ConvoloutionKernel.dll', 'MathNet.Iridium.dll')


Red ochre Plugin pack.............. Diabolical Drawings ................Real Paintings



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The new data is entirely a manual compilation. Each effect has to be downloaded, unpacked, the dll determined, loaded into PDN, PDN restarted, effect location found & finally tested. Takes ages :(

I am still considering the formats. It was downright disappointing to find the lists wouldn't fit in forum posts as they used to. That's why I had to simplify the author list at the last minute.

I may simply stuff the pdf and ebook versions with extra lists (plugin packs, dll, filetypes, by menu, etc...,). There are loads of options if we have the space.

Best rediscovery? I've had one or two delightful finds. TreeGen + Glow was a simple pleasure to find. So too was one of MadJiks gradient effects + Lightning.

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@barbieq25:  True Blur is part of Ed Harvey's plugin pack  http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/topic/18811-  This is exactly the reason I'm unpacking the plugin packs to list every individual effect ;)



In other news, the Plugin Index now has more than




You guys are great - I couldn't have done it without you.

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