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The definitive and free resource for locating plugins. Updated monthly.

Written and maintained by SodiumEnglish and Ego Eram Reputo

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Thanks for starting this mammoth task, it will be very useful.

Are you using some bespoke code to glean the info or just the manual method, or a combination?

Perhaps we can expect an 'EER's choice' list of some of the forgotten or hidden gems you have unearthed?

(Just a thought:-
Not wanting to 'break the camel's back', but have you considered a simple,  alphabetical list of .dll names and the effects they relate to? - It is sometimes not obvious which effects depend upon a shared .dll - until you delete it!
I don't think links would be necessary as these are in the main lists and shared .dlls may not show up under the effect name. eg 'BaseUtility.dll', 'ComputeShaderEffects.dll', 'ConvoloutionKernel.dll', 'MathNet.Iridium.dll')


Red ochre Plugin pack............................................................... Diabolical Drawings



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The new data is entirely a manual compilation. Each effect has to be downloaded, unpacked, the dll determined, loaded into PDN, PDN restarted, effect location found & finally tested. Takes ages :(

I am still considering the formats. It was downright disappointing to find the lists wouldn't fit in forum posts as they used to. That's why I had to simplify the author list at the last minute.

I may simply stuff the pdf and ebook versions with extra lists (plugin packs, dll, filetypes, by menu, etc...,). There are loads of options if we have the space.

Best rediscovery? I've had one or two delightful finds. TreeGen + Glow was a simple pleasure to find. So too was one of MadJiks gradient effects + Lightning.

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@barbieq25:  True Blur is part of Ed Harvey's plugin pack  http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/topic/18811-  This is exactly the reason I'm unpacking the plugin packs to list every individual effect ;)



In other news, the Plugin Index now has more than




You guys are great - I couldn't have done it without you.

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Thanks guys!


@BoltBait:  If only we could turn page views into cash.  We could retire early :)

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Passed the 600th effect mark last night.  I think the Plugin Index has doubled in the number of entries.


Revision should be ready for the April update.  


Unfortunately the Forum post limit will not allow all the new information to be held in the posts.  I intend to revert to a simpler listing on the forum and make everything else available in the PDF.  Epub and Kindle versions will be updated the following month and won't be available this month.


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Final count for the Plugin Index is 629 entries (the previous version had 460).


PDF now extends to 36 pages (previously 15). 





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April  (major) Update

The Plugin Index has been completely revised this month.  There are 630+ listings in the index. This means that it is too large to be posted in the forum :( I've therefore abbreviated the forum listings and included the extra data in the PDF.

Sorry, no Kindle or Epub versions this month. I have a life too! I'll hopefully have these version updated for the May edition.
New this month:

Homeworld2 ROT file import - @susgeorgesu. Import Homeworld 2 ROT image files as used in the game 'Home World 2' by Sierra Entertainment, Inc.

Also new is this filetype plugin:

Spritesheet Export Plugin - @MadDugan. Saves a multilayered sprite sheet to a single layered file with the layers positioned side-by-side.

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I've found time to format the Epub and Kindle versions.  Attached to the first post.  Enjoy!

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Thanks bethg7.

Glad you're enjoying my book and finding the Plugin Index useful. Paint.NET is certainly extremely powerful when you spend the time required to get to know it. It's fun to play with too!

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May Update

Three new plugins this month, including a new filetype plugin.

Bevel Object - @Red ochre. Apply different shaped bevels to an object, with either parallel or perspective lighting at a full range of angles. Bevels types: convex round, inset convex, convel bevel, convex chamfer, double convex, convex linear-flat, convex flat-linear, concave round, inset concave, flat.

IFF ILBM (Amiga) Loader - @Zombieman. Loader for IFF ILBM images (native file format of the old Commodore Amiga computers). Supports loading HAM6 and HAM8 modes (and in theory HAM5 and HAM7 modes). Does not handle IFF24 images (max 8-bit images).

Measure Selection - @Martin Osieka. Take measurements of an active selection or the whole layer. Option include setting the unit, dpi and scale. Useful for mapping or technical drawings.

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June Update

Four new plugins this month:


Bezncurve - @Red ochre. Render open and closed curves with 6 control points.

CMY Ghost - @TechnoRobbo. Distorts the colors in a similar manner to Adjustments > Invert Colors, or the Psychocolor or Psychedelic plugins. Options include tweaking the colors with respect to Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Alpha.

EdgeFader - @TechnoRobbo. Fade the hard edge of an object. Like feathering, only stronger.

Lens Distortion Correction - . Distortion correction effect. Also displays meta data (Exif).

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