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The definitive and free resource for locating plugins. Updated monthly.

Written and maintained by SodiumEnglish and Ego Eram Reputo

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I just moved to a new PC and this thread was absolutely awesome. It made tracking down those obscure plug-ins that I use all too often so easy. Sure I could've copied the files over, but many new versions have come out and it's kinda hard to keep track of them all. :)

Thanks dude.

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Three updates and 10 new plugins this revision.

Note that I've not had time to update the entry for MadJik's plugin pack - due to the large number of plugins he has released this month. Will be fixed next month for sure ;)

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I've not considered this before, so no there is no list specifically for filetypes.

If you want such a list I can generate one and post it here, or PM it to you.

Bear in mind that I'm not going to commit to updating such a list boltbait.tongue.pngboltbait.smile.png

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The list of filetype plugins is up. Enjoy :)

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This list is awesome, it needs a search function.

Btw: could you add http://forums.getpai...80entry332380

Updates are done around the first of each month. I have the PNG preprocessor and three other plugins flagged for inclusion at this stage ;)

Search: CTRL + F in most browsers works well, but you'll have to unhide the hidden sections before you run it.

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New update for September. Seven new plugins have been added to the list.

As there are no new Filetypes, the list dated 12 August remains current.

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October update: Five new plugins and three plugin packs updated.

Note that all of @Simon Brown's legacy plugin pack has been flagged as 'No longer Supported':

















Transitional Brush



The latter two plugins are filetypes and have been removed from the Filetypes list.

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