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  1. Optical Illusion Thread

    Interactive illusion with You have to follow these instructions: a. start a new image b. run the RainbowTwist with the settings: C. _1 Duplicate the layer _2 Open the layer properties form _3 set blending mode to Lighten d. Press M to activate the move mode e. Press and hold one cursor key... tada!
  2. No, it's my fault! Fortunately your "rash"action allowed me to correct quickly.
  3. I've just past to Something else without updating the link. Now it's done. Thank you @Seerose sorry for the trouble.
  4. New: revised user interface, effect centered on the canvas..
  5. I would suggest the default canvas size could be in the Settings/Tools. 800x600-4/3 is past. Now it's time for HD, Full HD, 4K, etc. Anyhow big thanks for your
  6. Mini tuto: I started with the idea of @Ishi With more time and work the result could be better. It's also important how the face takes the light on the original picture. Originale picture Model Gradient layer Smoke layer (secondary color : transparent) Final image You could add some dark areas in the gradient layer to make some parts darker.
  7. New update: more simple interface, more coloration choice.
  8. Optical Illusion Thread

    @Seerose You make it with the circle, they are vibrating.
  9. MadJik'All Art...

    Work of the moment: Green Planet Phoenix nest Heart Gem
  10. Image Umbrella: Abstract Images

    @barbieq25 @lynxster4 thank you! @LionsDragon Ok I reveal 3 secrets: with large images 2.use distortions several times (not always the same) 3.use layers and blend modes Bonus: Like in this tuto try to find some form to extract.
  11. Photobucket sucks.

    I found that the thumbnails image are still available, just add "th_" before the name of the picture. To find the full path of the image, right-click on it and choose "propriety"
  12. Optical Illusion Thread

    What about a 100% (one step) illusion ? Work bets if you wear glasses Try to find the middle of the gray radial lines. On a 600x600 white image run the radial colors plugin with this settings:
  13. MadJik'All Art...

    @Seerose you're welcome. @Pixey I'm rehosting images of my popular tutorials. I was using this one (at the bottom with the ball). And I wanted to try on large image 6000x6000. The ball must not be white (light yellow) for the conditional hue saturation (fade vertical). Then Polar transformation. I duplicate the layer to have a symmetry. Then the other polar transformation. tada!
  14. MadJik'All Art...

    Always experiencing...