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  1. I recently created a customized version of my Vanishing Point effect for user 'Woodsy'. He noticed a strange crash which also applies to the published version. The plugin runs and renders fine BUT crashes on re-opening, Crashing Pdn (both 3.5.11 and 4.0.16) - relevant part of the report below. Now, If I disable the propRules, (particularly the one that greys out a DoubleVector control from a Boolean control), then no crashes. The strange thing is that with the rules active it runs perfectly first time and only crashes when re-opened. To recreate the problem run the current version of my Vanishing Point plugin, uncheck the 'Draw line 2' box, and render.No crash at this point. Now, re-open the plugin and it crashes Pdn. Is this a problem with my code or Pdn's? Either way I guess I'll have to update my pack again :-( Here is my PropertyCollection code. The idea is to grey out irrelevant controls if the 2nd line is not required... which it does. Here is the crash
  2. Well done & Congrats!
  3. I don't have Paint shop pro. I too don't really understand what you are asking for that cannot already be achieved with the standard gradient tool? Shaped gradients are already possible with the 'shaped gradient' plugin by N.D. using the selection.shaped gradient Alternatively copy the selection and paste it into a new transparent layer so it becomes an 'Object'. Then you can use plugins like my Object Bevel plugin (in my pack), TR's contour or MJW's version of my Edge shader plugin.MJW's version of edge shader The Plugin index is very useful too.
  4. Very creative book covers. Well done!
  5. Thank you ingwer! That's a very well produced video. Excellent work. Danke schon!
  6. No problem - not urgent for me. I think it is closely related to the problem here? Not Enough Memory
  7. beta 4.16.6315.33981 Firefox copy image (same image as before) File/new is fine, creates 800 * 600 image as expected.(It previously seized up at this point). Unfortunately Edit/Paste or Edit/Paste into new layer still caused a 'not responding' hang. Didn't seem to be any C.P.U. usage. Edge copy File/New = fine. Edit/Paste fine. No crashes or hangs. Chrome copy image File/New = fine Edit/Paste fine. No crashes or hangs.
  8. Splendid work Pixey! Happy Easter.
  9. Thanks for sharing Drew! Good to see (and hear) you. Jools is on again tonight ... later
  10. I just tried using Chrome and that works perfectly, I then tried Edge and it crashed Pdn - Crashlog below.
  11. I took a look at the Reliability monitor and noticed some problems with the MS update on the 12th and have just performed a full Kaspersky scan (no threats found). Here are links to screenshots that may help - most of it is meaningless to me! I'm not familiar with Windows Performance Recorder but if it will help, let me know what you need.
  12. You could try my 'Facet' plugin - or 'Cuboids' both square based not hexagonal unfortunately. Facet Cuboids
  13. O.K. that's weird. After the problem reproduced many times yesterday and earlier, now it Pastes fine BUT creating a new image causes a not responding message. Windows 10 is fully up to date. C.P.U around 5% see screen shot here I had task manager running before attempting paste, the spike is when I tried File/new, I think.
  14. System type: 64-bit Operating System, x64-based processor Edition: Windows 10 Home Version: 1607 (last updates installed 12/04/2017 - NO Creators update yet) OS Build: 14393.1066 Firefox is version 52.0.2 (32-bit)