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  1. PSFilterPdn (2016-10-05)

    That is correct, Photoshop is required in order to use Photoshop Actions.
  2. The portable mode appears to work fine for me, although it took a little digging with Reflector to determine the name of the setting needed to enable it. Interestingly Effects can also query if Paint.NET is running in portable mode through the new PaintDotNet.AppModel.IAppInfoService.InstallType property.
  3. NormalMapPlus v1.0

    The updated CodeLab version does not crash for me. Because the crash in the original code is caused by a bug in the JIT compiler even a slight change to the Render method may avoid the problem.
  4. null54's Plugin Pack (2017-05-22)

    Paint Shop Pro FileType is now on GitHub.
  5. NormalMapPlus v1.0

    I was not suggesting any improvements. Because the code in GitHub was based on Reflector output I thought that you may find the code the plugin was based on helpful in reconstructing the original variable names.
  6. NormalMapPlus v1.0

    The crash in the codelab script is caused by the same issue as the original plugin. For some reason the Render method causes certain versions of the .NET JIT optimizer to generate code that produces an access violation. Adding the following attribute to the Render method works around that problem. [System.Runtime.CompilerServices.MethodImpl(System.Runtime.CompilerServices.MethodImplOptions.NoOptimization)] As to improving the plugin the original thread states that it is based on the normal map GPU shader example from AMD's RenderMonkey toolkit (NormalMap Filter.rfx). The following is the algorithm description from that file.
  7. Rick Brewster linked to the fix for 4.0.16 in his first reply to this thread.
  8. NormalMapPlus v1.0

    I do not know what application installed .NET 4.7, Visual Studio 2017 would be my guess. I wrote that it may be a .NET 4.7 bug based on @Prensa stating that the plugin works on .NET 4.6. If my update fixes your crash then the problem may have started with an earlier .NET version, or be caused by something else.
  9. NormalMapPlus v1.0

    I am on the Windows 10 Creators Update so I am not able to rollback the .NET Framework version, but that would concur with my testing that the crash appears to be caused by a regression in the .NET 4.7 JIT optimizer. @Ego Eram Reputo @Rick Brewster Using the MethodImplAttribute to disable JIT optimizations for the OnRender method has fixed the crash. Download:
  10. Soft Proofing (Tools Effect)

    Reduced memory usage when loading and saving color profiles. Use static linking to remove the Visual C++ runtime dependency.
  11. Fixed a bug with RIOT always detecting exported images as having transparency. Reduced memory usage when exporting images. Plugin file version updated to 1.0.6.
  12. null54's Plugin Pack (2017-05-22)

    Radical Image Optimization Tool and Soft Proofing are now on GitHub.
  13. PSFilterPdn (2016-10-05)

    Your version of PSFilterPdn is outdated, the latest version is I am not able to reproduce that crash in
  14. System.IO.FileLoadException

    You need to install the Visual C++ 2015 runtime. See the following post for details:
  15. Happy Birthday Rick Brewster!

    Happy Birthday!