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The definitive and free resource for locating plugins. Updated monthly.

Written and maintained by SodiumEnglish and Ego Eram Reputo

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November Update


Four new toys for all to enjoy this month including first time publisher AnneYusual who has joined our list of plugin authors. Welcome aboard :)


Iris Blur Rick Brewster Applies a blur (Gaussian or Bokeh) with a radius that increases as it gets further from the center of the image.


Relief Map Generator Ego Eram Reputo Create islands, continents, mountains and seas filled with interesting topography.


Scroll Generator AnneYusual Generate a variety of two-dimensional decorative flourishes using spiraling scroll patterns.


Text Fun Factory BoltBait Word Art for your images! Generate text with a huge range of options and effects (gradient fill, outline, shadowing, letter kerning, rotation, jumble the characters, etc...). Comes with *.bat installer.Requires 5.0.11+


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December Update


Five new plugins this month, including four from the prolific frio and one from first-time author PackJC :)


Color Vector Rotations frio Interpret one image's pixels as 3-dimensional vectors and another image's as quaternions (via Euler angles - each color component determines amount of rotation around each of the 3D axes), then rotate the first images pixels.


HSLuv Hue / Saturation frio  Provides access to Hue, Saturation & Lightness in HSLuv color space HSLuv (alternative to the classic HSV/HSL). Color saturation and brightness are more perceptully even in the CIELUV color space. HSLuv often preserves color details better. The plugin also implements the HPLuv and LCh(uv) color space modes: HPLuv is a more subtle and desaturated, but very perceptually even variant of HSLuv, and LCh(uv) is an intermediate between the other two and CIELUV.


OpenPAA - (.PAA & .PAC) File Type Support PackJC Load & save support for image types *.paa and *.pac as used by video games ArmA & DayZ.


Seamless Simplex Clouds frio Cloud type effect which adds the feature of seamless tiling.


Seamless Voronoi Texture frio Seamless tiling effect which uses Voronoi tessellation.

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