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Rectangular Inversion

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This plugin turns an image inside-out via polar coordinates. Unlike the other Inside-Out plugin, this one everts the entire rectangle instead of just a circular region. There are also move, rotating and zooming options which create some really neat-looking effects.


Let's take a look at it.




  • Move -- This moves the centerpoint around. Pixels are inverted based on their distance from the centerpoint and how far away the edge is, so changing this option changes the way the image warps.
  • Rotate -- Rotates the image after the inversion step but before the remapping step. An interesting effect that rotates the content of the image while preserving the effect's rectangular nature.
  • Zoom Out -- Like my Polar Kaleidoscope plugin, the effect is mirrored in all directions. Zooming out will recreate the effect, creating an effect that looks suspiciously similar to a Polar Inversion.
  • Quality v0 -- Basically adds a mild blur. Larger canvases should use higher settings. I've marked it as a v0 because I plan to make a better quality slider for my plugins at some point. This is at least better than nothing.


Now, let's look at what the plugin actually does.




We'll start with a base image. Just a few spirals I've self-negated.




Here's what the base effect looks like. The image has essentially been inverted based on its distance from the center. This is a very similar effect to the Inside-Out plugin, but it inverts things in a rectangular way rather than a circular way so it remaps to the entire image.





You can move the centerpoint around. The top image I've moved 20% to the right, and the bottom image I've moved 30% down.




Here's what a rotation looks like. Note how the image is clearly rotated but is somehow still a rectangle on the outer edge. Things have been warped a bit differently as well. Overall, a pretty neat effect.





With higher zooms, you get these effects. They look very similar to a polar inversion, so I may have accidentally discovered how those work. The difference is that the image's rectangular nature is preserved so the outer edges aren't heavily warped.


Still to do

  • Fix the quality slider. This is probably something that I'll do with all of my plugins at once (I have a few more distortion plugins coming).
  • Release the source code. Again, this will probably be a global update.

Overall, I'm pretty happy with the state of this plugin. I don't think it needs anything else besides that.


Download link

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I am really enjoying your plugin effects!
I used your Rectangular Inversion to create both the picture frame and the graphic that was framed.




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7 hours ago, HyReZ said:

I am really enjoying your plugin effects!


Totally agree with HyReZ @Xhin!!  These effects, though simple, can really change an image with some interesting looks!  :star:


Please keep them coming!  In no time, you can release your own plugin pack!  :D


Below image made entirely with Rectangular Inversion.



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I like the way I can produce interesting frames for my images. I have experimented with various images files, its placement and the amount of transparent space around the central image to produce interesting frames. I erased all of the non-frame stuff at the center so that I can place my main image.

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