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  1. Thanks. Whilst I'm no longer an active programmer I do like to see (sorta) what is being done. I see in the source above still states version 1.0 so that's why I asked. Best
  2. Thank you. Have you updated the source? Best wishes
  3. Many thanks. Looking much-a-mo-bedda. Thank you for your time, effort and patience. Best & have a Great Christmas and may 2021 be better than 2020! And that goes for everybody in the PDN community. Hugh
  4. Just run the plugin on a blank project. Error. Then paint something... error again. Seems the blur+ working again now. The blur+ did fail until I reinstalled the gmicsharpnative. PDN-TileCrash.zip
  5. Same happened when I tried the Fragment Blur+. I reinstalled the GMICSharpNative and the Blur+ worked. Then tried this and both now crash. Not stable from where I stand.
  6. 👍👍 Thank you! I've removed the unnecessary dlls. Seems to work a treat.
  7. Win 10/ PDN 4.2.14 Luv PDN, but.... Sorry, but for the life of me this is not happenin'. I've followed these destructions to a "T" and absolutely nowhere could I find this plugin. So... "Then, you can find this under Artistic after you loaded PDN." I extracted the GMICSharpNative folder to c:\programs\Paint.Net\Effects I extracted GmicFragmentBlurPlus.dll to: c:\programs\Paint.Net\Effects c:\programs\Paint.Net\Effects\GMICSharpNative c:\programs\Paint.Net\Effects\GMICSharpNative\Win-x64 and Win-x86 (4 si
  8. @pascal - Nice. Whilst the "suggestions" are constructive, you've built some code that can be used. There's always a critic. Your code is entirely readable. Stick with what you feel comfortable with.
  9. Hi. I believe I've mentioned this before but I'll repeat. (Where i refer to plugin I mean effects and filetypes too) It's really great that there are so many contributions to the plugin library, and having Codelab is yet another reason to build these plugins. No doubt, Codelab is the main reason that there are so many. Okay. Whilst I can appreciate that a considerable amount of effort can be made in coding these additions, and most are donated here, the fact that PDN might have code base changes that might break any particular plugin, and that the author of
  10. Okay????? ........ perhaps a timeout option?
  11. Thank you very much for your excellent explanation. I can appreciate the evolution. Best regards
  12. Hi. I looked but could not find any direct answer to my question: here goes. It seems you must install any effect into the Effects sub-directory (well, except G'Mic). Is there a way, or might there be a way to install effects into separate sub-directories, under Effects and have PDN recurse thru those sub-directories when loading? (I am thinking about organising effects either by Author or by type or alphabetically). I see this is done in the Shapes sub-directory. Best regards
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