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  1. The way I'd do it (doesn't need any plugins) 1. Duplicate the word 2. Set the new layer to "Additive" 3. Invert the colors of the top layer. That's guaranteed to get you white regardless of what the word color is.
  2. Thank you all! I took Pixey's advice and gave a tutorial, this time of planets. I've been busy making alien worlds: Clamshell in the Sky Fields of Plenty Worlds within Worlds Morning Eclipse On the Road Home Plus a bunch more... I'd like to reorganize my gallery here and link to my full one soon..
  3. I love this plugin! Been using it to make alien worlds...
  4. Today I will show you how to make psychedelic planets. I've been making a bunch of art based on these recently and I think I've got the technique down. Plugins Required A. Self-Negation (it looks like the post got removed so get it here: Self-Negation.zip) B. Shape 3D C. Glow Steps 1. I like to start with a black layer of stars just so I can get the feel of the outcome. 2. Pick two colors about 1/4 around the color wheel from each other. I like using blue and pink most of the time, but this time I'm using orange and green. 3. Create a diagonal gradient of the two colors. I like working with a 3200x2400 canvas, but you'll have your own preferences. 4. Add some mild dents. In this case you want something barely visible, just enough to add a little texture. I usually do a high scale, low refraction and medium roughness. 5. Use my nice Self-Negation plugin set to 2 repetitions to get a nice blend of textured color. 6. Run a twist at maximum Size settings (I leave the amount at the default here). 7. Run a Shape 3D. Go ahead and set the ambient lighting up to something more visible (0.45 is what I use). 8. Use the "Object Rotation" settings to align the twist at a good spot. The controls aren't exactly intuitive here, and you don't want the clamped part of the image to show (where all the points come together basically, you'll see what I mean). 9. Lastly, set the anti-alias of the shape 3D to 5 (you don't want any nasty jagged edges showing up at later points). Go ahead and render the Shape 3D. 10. Zoom into whatever the 100% is (as I said I tend to run with larger canvases). 11. Duplicate the layer, set the top layer to "Lighten". 12. Run a gaussian blur on the top layer so there's just a slight halo around the planet. 13. Merge these layers down. 14. Duplicate the planet, set the top layer to lighten again and run Zoom blur. 15. Shift the hue of the top layer slightly (not too much, or you'll run into granularity issues later!). Don't worry if it seems to ruin the colors (it won't usually, but sometimes), your goal is just to add some extra color and texture into the mix. 16. Merge the top layer down. 17. *now* use Hue/Saturation to make a more interesting color set. 18. Repeat steps 11-13 (new layer, lighten, gaussian blur, merge). 19. Do #18 again, except instead of doing a gaussian blur, do a glow. 20. Do #18 again, except on the bottom layer and at full gaussian blur settings to add a bit of an outline. You might need to feather the top layer too. Conclusion Here's my final result: Here are some samples (out of context) of other psychedelic planets I've done: I experiment a lot with the different settings. You should too!
  5. Still not really in a position to post most of what I've been doing. Here are a few recent ones: Rainbow Tide Delusion Venus Fly Trap
  6. YES!!!! Paint dot net is literally the only reason I still use windows as my primary system...
  7. Bit of an update here. At some point in 2012 I rebranded, moved everything to a facebook page, sorted my art by style rather than date, and also that was 2 years ago so a lot has changed since then. I'll probably re-organize my page at some point, but in the meantime I'm just going to post my art here again. My art now is a combination of abstract, surreal, and highly psychedelic/geometric styles. Hidden Content: Made earlier today Transdimensional Catwalk Extraspatial Phoenix & Dragon Exit to Wonderland Golata, Lalata, Lalana Supernova Tesseract
  8. Yeah, I'm missing the weave plugin too
  9. Been getting an error as of the most recent version of paint dot net (v4.0.3) Windows 8, 64-bit
  10. This tool changes the hue of the image in a reflecting circular prism-like pattern. Amount -- The amount of repeating prisms. Range -- The amount of hues to cover. Smaller numbers mean that there are certain hues left out. Hues -- What hues the prism actually is. I made this an angle chooser because a hue of 360 is equal to a hue of 0, so it's easier to play with if it loops back around. Centerpoint -- The place where the prism pattern starts. Since none of that makes any sense, here are some examples: Seed image Examples Download (v 1.0) Radial Prism.zip
  11. Awesome technique! Here's my result after playing around with some parameters (not zoom-blurring that last layer, for one thing):