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Found 5 results

  1. Distort This! Effects -> Distort-> Distort This! This is an update/fork of TR's Distort This! plugin with some additional features, optimizations, and a ton of bug fixes. Change Log v2.9 (July 3, 2018) Added: Support for the Dark Theme v2.8 (Aug 4, 2017) Improved: Rendering speed is now faster, and uses less memory New: Supersample antialiasing (thanks MJW) Fixed: Clicking the 'OK' button too early no longer breaks rendering Fixed: Nubs can no longer go out of the UI bounds and become inaccessible New: There is now a visual indicator to show area outside of the 'Working Area' New: When setting the 'Working Area', the cursor is changed to a cross-hair New: The nubs can now be reset without also resetting the 'Work Area' Improved: Cleaned up the UI Fixed: Many small and subtle bugs Download Source Code
  2. Droste This is a update of @PJayTycy's original Droste distortion plugin that was left abandoned in the plugin development section of the forum. See changelog below. Effects -> Distort -> Droste Before After Changelog v1.0 by toe_head2001 (Aug 31, 2015) New: Added a control to adjust the angle of the effect. Changed: Reorganized the code to a CodeLab-like structure/style Changed: Changed plugin icon and shorted title to 'Droste' New: Added metadata for the Plugin Browser pre-v1.0 by @PJayTycy (Dec 5, 2007 - Jan 26, 2008) See thread Download Place both Droste.dll and MathNet.Iridium.dll in the Effects folder. Source Code Source files and Git history
  3. Screen Pixel This is an update to @Bleek II's ScreenPixel plugin. See changelog below. Effects -> Distort -> Screen Pixel Features Takes a image and breaks it into RGB components. Control the opacity of the RGB Automatically apply correct (3x) pixelation cell size. (e.g. if your RBG size is 2, a pixelation amount of 6 will be applied) Changelog v1.1 by toe_head2001 (Feb 24, 2015) New: added the ability to reduce the opacity from 255; defaults at 100. New: Pixelation is now built in, and can be toggled. Pixelation size automatically increases with RBG size. New: Metadata was added for the 'Plugin Browser' v1.0 by Bleek II (March 28, 2008) Initial release Download Source Code
  4. pyrochild


    Download from my plugin set Effects > Distort > Jitter You absolutely must be using the latest version of Paint.NET (3.10) to use this plugin. This plugin "Jitters" each row of pixels by a random amount. The angle, width of the rows, intensity of the effect, spacing between jittered rows, and edge-behavior are all adjustable. You can also toggle antialiasing. Something interesting you can do with this (very rough; I made it in 5 minutes based on a very old sig of mine): Download from my plugin set
  5. pyrochild


    Download from my plugin set Effects > Distort > Stitch Certain combinations of angles give a less-than-desirable effect, including having no effect at all. I'm aware of the issue, but currently have no plans to fix it. Just try switching the values of the 2 angle controls. Download from my plugin set