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The Pictorium! Post your created or edited images here!


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Simple, but interesting (IMHO) :wink: achieved whilst "playing"...



-layers (+layer transparency) - top to bottom:

-gradient (radial - white to black)

-scan lines

-motion blur (to original image) on one layer + transparency

-zoom blur (to original image) on another layer + transparency

-original image (cropped and "subject outline" applied)

Stock Image as per my previous post.


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^ As usual, you can clickety-click the image to view and download the full 1600 x 960 version ^

:shock: wow :shock: thats really nice

Thanks, I'm quite proud of this myself - considering putting together a little tutorial if anyone's interested.

Always interested in tutorials.

Mastriani's current skill set = < 0

Mastriani's desired skill set = > ∞ or nearest equivalent to Madjik or pyrochild

That image is quite stimulating and thought provoking. Well done. The color shifting over the texture is fantastic ... really top notch ... in my opinion anyways.


100% paint.net

One sad attempt at a sig, but it's all about the intellectual property rights anyways.

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One of my own photos (taken at V8 Supercars [premier domestic racing series] at Oran Park 2006) - this is Mark Skaife (Holden Racing Team) - not my favourite driver (Lowndes), but one of my favourite photos from the day... photo given same treatment as previous post (but no Black and White and also used motion blur).



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D.C.: not as polished as oma, but nice none the less.

Teaches: Nice effect that would definintely come in handy making nav links or wallpapers.

Here is a little something I worked on last night, I've got the pdn if anyone is interested, pretty straight forward stuff though.


Click for bigger resolution at my deviant art page

This was about a six layer job when all was said and done, been following my recent cutout effects type work, the flourish and the subtle texture were both stock images and can found here: http://www.judithreephotography.com/ima ... sh_big.gif and http://ryane.com/wp-content/uploads/2007/09/rock_03.jpg. I made the fleur di lis's with the line tool and copied and rotated to make the crosses then there was a lot of copying and pasting. all the blend modes are set to either multiply or overlay with a little drop shadow in a nice rustic orange.

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