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  1. lol picc84 = legend I gotta get a new graphics tablet so I can start drawing people again. Couple of weeks ago I tripped on some upturned carpet and dropped a box full of barbell weights on my old one. It didn't exactly pull through. Thats the second tablet I've accidentally destroyed within the last few months
  2. Finally a picture of rick i can use to draw him in all his semi naked glory.
  3. Sent this to a mate to show her how amazed I was at the news of her engagement. Come on Rick show us what you're made of!
  4. Cool I never knew about that bezier curve thing. It could be more obvious.
  5. It has everything to do with xiao xiao. http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/15849 Look familiar?
  6. Thats an extract from a xaio xaio movie.
  7. For some reason I have a problem reproducing this. I did this by following the instructions vaguely. I cant get it to look as crisp as Toms image though and I cant clear out the areas around the text like in the original image done by Tom.
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