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  1. *Got bored again and added another drawing* Thanks for your comments TenderCrisp.
  2. added another drawing.
  3. Heh, I was never gone; the time between my forum visits just expanded considerably since I dont spend as much time drawing as I used to!
  4. Edit: Changed this post to become my Gallery. I doubt it will get updated much but I thought I may as well ^_^ (Latest at the top) --- was bored --- http://aatwo.deviantart.com/art/Size-86245163 (perhaps a bit too rude for these forums so I'll just link to the drawings deviant art page rather than posting the image directly!) (Style inspired by the cyanide and happiness cartoons at http://www.explosm.net) ---
  5. Nooooooooo! I liked being the original creator of the pictorium :'( Ahhh well (hello to all of you that might remember me )
  6. Here's a picture of someone you should all know! Crazy Man Dan!
  7. This literally will not make sense unless you watch the 300 PG trailer on youtube! ( ) This was basically just a quick image I made to test out my new graphics tablet!
  8. Present for you, Boltbait
  9. O.o I don't remember posting this at all but it must have been me since me and a mate were watching this south park episode the other night before we went out and so it was probably on my mind when I got home Since I have already gone to the trouble of posting this, copy and paste that link I posted into your address bar and it should load properly. It's a pretty funny episode
  10. I just know there is some people here thwt will find this funny.... http://www.tv-links.co.uk/video/2/157/656/42208/62955 I NERNED YOUR RIPS OFF?!?!?!? rofl This slays me lol Near the end kyle and stan go to the last town thatwas effected by the homeless to find a solution, and this guy tells of hiow nhe burned his wife lived. And she is all like "I BURNED YOIUR LIPS OFF#" and he is like "what?> I NERNED YOUR RIPS OFF" rofl!
  11. weell im going to say pop up pirate. that game has lasted me years and never fails to keep me amazed in my harsh times of bordom/
  12. Thanks cdm. That was driving me nuts. It's been months since I worked on my site I forgot how it all worked u rawk
  13. the update looks very awesome boltbait. Crazy Man Dan you have a fair load of experience with web development dont you? I am echoing my table using php and I have set the cell padding of the table containing all the images and descriptions to 10. But no matter what I set the cell padding value to it doesn't apply any. Why??? I have no table properties defined in the style sheet so it can't be some kind of style clash. You got any ideas?
  14. haha this is the greatest post ever made in theseforums
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