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    Primarily my children, but also philosophy, history, Niccolo Machiavelli, Erich Fromm, Giorgio Agamben, Albert Camus and I would really like a shot at boning Monica Belucci.

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  1. I like it Mike, except it's a little blurred, overall, quite good 8.75/10.
  2. Errrr, well, I tried ... my brain saw one thing, but this is how it turned out ... **not paint.net's fault**
  3. Roberto Baggio, il Divino, il pondre maglia ~ the great one.
  4. 7.5/10 Very slick, well done, I'm just not a fan of the MS theme, (that cost two points, otherwise 9.5/10 .. LOL)
  5. I'm Sicilian. It's my family name, it means "Master of Tailors", although the last actual tailor in the family was my greatgrandfather.
  6. I had two brains once, one got lost and the other left to look for him. Valentine's Day = cards, candy, jewelry, little fluffy dolly blech yeck, feigning insincere sentiments ...
  7. "People" can be wrong. Bush for president, I rest my case. [exit off_topic]
  8. I would like to issue a noob protest: To wit, SOTW #14's theme bites. Valenti ... what? Blech, screw that ... unless it is for the St. Valentine's Day Massacre!!! Consumerist propaganda holiday ... pffffffffffffffffffffffttttt.
  9. You changed your sig, I get to vote again. 8/10 ~ you should have left the anemone in, it was interesting.
  10. derka, your sig is flawless and elegant ... 11/10, truly brilliant in it's simplicity.
  11. Much improved Pan, I'll set it at 9/10 ... only because in my noob opinion I like borders and your's is kind of odd ...
  12. I don't know if it's allowed here, but can I express hatred of your person for extreme graphic program capability at the same time as using words like (**deleted string of forbidden expletives**) "amazing" "awesome" "spectacular" and "where's the tutorial for that work?!" That's on a level I can only admire and envy.
  13. Seriously Wither ... it doesn't come across ... or that is sarcasm? Mastriani -> atheist -> Angel of Judgment -> Serpent -> word "Fallen", with descending, increasingly darkening lettering ... ? ? Are you sure you don't get the meaning? [/exit inconsiderate_threadbreak.exe] [/return sub.routine rate_sig.exe]
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