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  1. is just kickin' it.

  2. Samsung did a video to show how awesome their SSDs are...they hooked up 24 of them and loaded all of Office in half a second. http://i.gizmodo.com/5166798/24-solid-s ... -5-seconds So what does this have to do with Paint.NET...? One thing they do is open all of the programs in the start menu at once...guess who makes a guest appearance?
  3. And apparently I missed CMD too. Happy Birthday, oh Dan of Man who is Crazy.
  4. *sticks head in, looks around, throws smoke bomb and disappears...*
  5. I thought about it actually...I'm just don't really like the idea of me getting fired...
  6. Haven't had much time to play with stuff recently, but just wanted to share a quick edit I did during lunch one day at work... The original is the photo on my company's intranet. It's currently my IM/facebook pic.
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