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The Pictorium! Post your created or edited images here!

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woven love... can you see whats written? if not good :D but you need your eyes checked :P

if you can then you have very good eyesight :D


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Ok people, lots o' images this time.

First, some sigs:


My try at a tutorial (yes, I read those)


Some fractals... I don't like it that much


A swirly one, I wanted to achieve something like my current one, but I failed miserably

Now, some balls/orbs/circles...


My try at Ash's tutorial, very standard.


A refined version of my avatar...


A world and crystal ball at the same time, hmmm


some shiny ball...


Something I did today, you won't believe me if I told you with what I started...


This one's 3D Shaped of the one above.

and some abstracts/random ones:


it could be a circus curtain...


Something I came up by applying tons 'o efects...


I like this one, not so sure to know what it is though...

I hope that you like 'em

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oma, that is so gruesome! (in an awesome way!)

thanks Aile not my favourite subject matter but what the heck if I'm going to test my skills I might as well try something difficult.

like how it turned out. even though Orange is a color I absolutely hate. the color alone gives me the creeps.

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alright, so this one isn't as great but still 100% pdn

hope I did better on the hair


is that you? you look so sad in this picture smile :wink: .

actually I think you've done much better on the hair in this one. but what happened with the cheeks? did you run into a problem you need help with or were those dark areas from using curves+?

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