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  1. Welcome butterfly, I hope that you'll learn many more new things here
  2. I know what your talking about, my teachers do that too. Rant: my sister is trying to teach me a lesson on how it feels to be blamed for something the other person didn't do when the other person is at fault and im not. (sigh) Life is totally peachy, eh?
  3. Your sig reminds me of a fashion magazine cover, I give you a 10 out of 10
  4. love the plugin 8) it worked really well with images too.
  5. Black & green star wallpaper.... enjoy
  6. I think this goes here this is what i call a green futuristic portal 100% pdn too
  7. I don't know what to say about this one because I don't know what you did in PDN and what you did in PS. Looks very nice, simple and modern, but I think this would more appropriately belong under "Interfaces." I think. _______________________________________ My turn! So, I took you people's advice, and tried to improve my wallpaper. I added more foliage in the background, while making the light source better. I tried to fix the headphone/ear thingy, but I couldn't. I also connected the headphones to the AJ Logo with a wire, so it's kinda like a mp3 player. Tell me what you thin
  8. heres 3 more, the theme is vista style and they are all test... so there are errors
  9. Exclusive: green fern wallpaper... yea its the mini version and it is 100% pnd.. and this is when i truely give effort in meh work... btw if you want to download its on the DA
  10. oh my! that is awsome Expiration!!!! really a really eye popper
  11. hmm... add a moon or something??
  12. (thinking "nope") ....do u mean "add more?" *edit* i fogot to add to my other post, maze and randome lines and random dots
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