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  1. I like it Mike, except it's a little blurred, overall, quite good 8.75/10.
  2. Errrr, well, I tried ... my brain saw one thing, but this is how it turned out ... **not paint.net's fault**
  3. Roberto Baggio, il Divino, il pondre maglia ~ the great one.
  4. 7.5/10 Very slick, well done, I'm just not a fan of the MS theme, (that cost two points, otherwise 9.5/10 .. LOL)
  5. I'm Sicilian. It's my family name, it means "Master of Tailors", although the last actual tailor in the family was my greatgrandfather.
  6. I had two brains once, one got lost and the other left to look for him. Valentine's Day = cards, candy, jewelry, little fluffy dolly blech yeck, feigning insincere sentiments ...
  7. "People" can be wrong. Bush for president, I rest my case. [exit off_topic]
  8. I would like to issue a noob protest: To wit, SOTW #14's theme bites. Valenti ... what? Blech, screw that ... unless it is for the St. Valentine's Day Massacre!!! Consumerist propaganda holiday ... pffffffffffffffffffffffttttt.
  9. You changed your sig, I get to vote again. 8/10 ~ you should have left the anemone in, it was interesting.
  10. derka, your sig is flawless and elegant ... 11/10, truly brilliant in it's simplicity.
  11. Much improved Pan, I'll set it at 9/10 ... only because in my noob opinion I like borders and your's is kind of odd ...
  12. I don't know if it's allowed here, but can I express hatred of your person for extreme graphic program capability at the same time as using words like (**deleted string of forbidden expletives**) "amazing" "awesome" "spectacular" and "where's the tutorial for that work?!" That's on a level I can only admire and envy.
  13. Seriously Wither ... it doesn't come across ... or that is sarcasm? Mastriani -> atheist -> Angel of Judgment -> Serpent -> word "Fallen", with descending, increasingly darkening lettering ... ? ? Are you sure you don't get the meaning? [/exit inconsiderate_threadbreak.exe] [/return sub.routine rate_sig.exe]
  14. Shoot .. sorry, already hit up the pink sig. Oh well, next.
  15. Thanks taboo, but it's not polar ... tile reflection with radial blur on the layer behind, with lum shifts and splinter. For digennaro, 8.5/10 ... unique.
  16. 5/10 ... my apologies, but the pink is just .... brutal.
  17. I think it's good sometimes to go bare with colors, and I really like your work Bugster; 9/10
  18. :shock: You'd prefer that I aspire to the nadir or bare mediocrity? Not my style, no apologies. Something I tooled out, but DarkShock seemed to find it uninteresting or lacking. I thought it had potential ... :?:
  19. Non sequitor. Just wanted to assess the situation before making any commentary that draws undue ire/causes "membership problems".
  20. I'm always up for criticism, do you have a suggestion DarkShock?
  21. Very nice salu ... very curious abstract ... enjoyable for it's simplicity.
  22. Originally, from Ragusa, Sicily, (**deleted string of forbidden expletives** do I miss home!!!!). Currently stranded in a cesspool of hilljack/displaced urban redneck hades, what some call "Ohio". I call it "Most likely to be voted as future nuclear testing grounds" .... and hope that comes to pass soon after my departure.
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