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  1. Simplistic, nice smart. If it isn't broke, why fix it? I mean... it isn't even that aliased. 8/10 Edit: I can't get this right. Your avatar has a slightly obvious white background and since the forum has a slightly blue background... might be worth looking into.
  2. Colourful, detailed yet simplistic? I don't know 7/10 it doesn't look bad, and it's actually quite clean. Rate my SOTW entry And I know that the border doesn't work... but it looks even worse without.
  3. Here's my entry to the wall of names Hidden Content:
  4. Stocks: c4d from Thomster's deviantART http://volcanista.wordpress.com/2009/06/07/accretionary-wedge-time-warp/ http://images.blogskins.com/skin_images/129/028/images/36792637fn6.gif Fonts: Nymphette (dafont) Diavlo (http://www.josbuivenga.demon.nl/diavlo.html) This signature blurs the lines of Fantasy and Sci-fi
  5. I think I should add.... I've had paint.NET for four or five years now.... Just I don't really go on the forum. Anyways, to my review. The text for the 20 is overused... the other text doesn't fit with the style... The box itself is good, the splatter works with the image. The text is clearly off center... the dotted shadow looks neat, however that same look throughout the background just makes it look poor quality. Overall, 7/10... I still like the style.
  6. Ergh, I want to go on this forum more... must.... make... time... Anyways, the text is rather annoying, although the colour scheme is obvious, it doesn't blend... The bubbles are poorly coloured.... Gradient bars aren't really the best for the background... and not enough colour contrast. 4.5/10
  7. I haven't been on in a while, and have been more into photography, but here's a few images that I have made since. (I mean I just picked about 3 of my best since as my skill went into a decline) And some signatures I've made since. The first was just playing around with renders and more of a just for fun thing without much effort put into it. The other two are pictures I've seen here. Although I notice one had a tutorial, I did not see the actual tut until after I made it. I do intend on making myself a new and better signature however. NOT one of these. something with individua
  8. It's nice. Black and white makes it more interesting, I don't know what to say. 8/10 Rate this one: I doubt I'll use it, just felt like making it. It's very aliased.
  9. The font choice was not very good, the coloring isn't all that nice. I've seen the full size image which was much nicer. I have to give it a 6.5/10 And when I rated Briamoth's, I never noticed how aliased it was.
  10. Very nice, great choice of text, I think it's far better than King Kong, I give it a 7/10 Oh, and I want to make a point clear about mine, the thing in the foreground is my logo, which I use everywhere (ex. DeviantART, other forums) I didn't really intend for the text to stand out, it makes the image brighter (which is kind of a historical trademark)
  11. Minimalistic, which I like, even though it has that "so simple to recreate" look and air about it. Yet... I still really like it... 7/10
  12. I was playing with some rendering plugins, this was the result:
  13. With the new adding of color, I would have to say it's about 6.5/10 Too bad the font can't be changed...
  14. It's pretty basic-looking, and I don't mean minimalist. Also, the font doesn't really suit it. 5.5/10
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