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  1. journey nice, I dig it 8.5/10, as far as two up um... why so blurry?
  2. Update: I just added the link of the bottom of my sig for my deviant art. Bugster I like the whole street aspect but the you should have maybe used a stencil type font for your user name and the stock swirl looks out of place, good job on taking the anenome out though. 7/10 TLH: awesome, thats it just awesome perfect.
  3. alright, I've been doing the hair in layer so I can keep it more realistic and not crappy looking Is that Tidus from FFX? 'cause if that is, that's spot on.
  4. best use of polar inversion ever! getting kind of old now though don't you think... just kidding 10/10!
  5. Oh really? Again I refer to one of my work which used my Cheesey eye tut. LOL! It's easy to knock something when you don't realize it's full potential. Anyways I've been up a little late tonight working on this (100% PDN trying to get away from stock images, .pdn available): Click for the full 1024x768 at my deviant art Hopefully I'll have more soon, my deviant art account is looking pretty scarce. @Oma: you rock!
  6. Well here it is me and my mother in laws horse zoey: I don't ride to much, you can probably tell by my expression, that and that horse hates me, really it tries to bite.
  7. Trolls lol, I'm so making a trophy with fuzzy hair for the next winner... anyways, I'm from bremerhaven, germany, but now I've settled down in georgia with my wife and baby.
  8. I love kitchen equipment so I'm going to give you a eight!
  9. that definitely seems like a better idea, but would that upgrade existing plugins? or would that require a restart?
  10. Ill give it a nine out of ten to start with, but have to knock it down to a seven out of ten because anarchy bylines aren't cool, respect the man. Just kidding! Nine out of ten.
  11. Heres my ipod playlist for like the last hour: My Chemical Romance, Green Day, Boys Like Girls, Panic! At The Disco, Foo Fighters, Alicia Keys, The Killers, Hellogoodbye, System of a Down, Jamiroquai, Catch 22, As I Lay Dying, Boy Hits Car, Dean Martin, MXPX, Papa Roach, Disturbed, Korn, Frank Sinatra, Taking Back Sunday, Rancid, The Hush Sound, Tony Bennett, Linkin Park, Nelly Furtado, Pennywise, Killswitch Engage, NOFX, Queens Of The Stone Age. Thats my just getting out of my program design and development class, and now I'm on the road mix lol.
  12. Thats the same exact flourish I used in my sig and ava lol.
  13. True, I could careless most of the time if a post was all pdn anyways, you can tell most of the time anyways unless it was ash etc.. from reading the earlier posts though people were making a big fuss about it, so I thought I drop my two cents in. Quit fast posting! There isn't enough room for two people posting this quick at one time.
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