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  1. I support obama because he don't mad on a cold war subject I've hear mccain speech about it...
  2. New experiments.Enlarge,interest result
  3. another texture expirement...only dots plugin and add noise
  4. I mean in exe-files,because it has highest compression ratio(i mean this program has this technology)...(small long-time file with high resolution) if anybody afraid use exe files,it can be scaned antivirus...
  5. I've found program - SCREEN2EXE - it's a free This program creates screen demo in resolution of your resolution and this program has a highest compression ratio. New version (v2.0) can add to screen demo images,objects(arrows,etc.),text,description very useful for video tutorial in exe,for paint.net...and we can choose a color mode - best,16 bit,256 colors,grayscale,chose FPS (1,2,4,and I forgot )..we can add sound If our tutorial masters will use this program,this will be cool and comfortable for all(no problems with a lot of images and a lot of text,if you understand me) Early iused previous version of this program,it was simple and has little power,than new version Site of the program: http://screen-record.com/download.htm
  6. Strange object,need to antialias
  7. i like firefly,mustang,zexion
  8. no,i did'nt use fractals... used plugins: bricks,splinter blur,fire 1)create new layer,fill it to orange,use the brick plugin(orange),and flatten,no flatten - no effect 2)use the fire plugin 3)use the splinter blur plugin (Number of splinters - 7;Distance - 28; rotation - 12 ) blend mode is lighten,no lighten - no effect you can also see a exe-video tutorial(free "screen to exe" program),but it have a little problem with ui,you will understand...URL of my video tutorial (2mb,high resolution): http://narod.ru/disk/2972937000/fire_effect.exe.html - here exe video,you may download it and see To download - enter numerial in the box and press green button
  9. Texture expirements new:
  10. may anybody post some raw files here?
  11. Very beautiful glasses and butterflyes!
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