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The Pictorium! Post your created or edited images here!


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First, welcome back oma.

blooper I like it, as a quilter I would say it looks like wool to me and also tesselation.

I don't know what I call this except parctice. It has it's problems but I am learning what I can and can't do. I still like it.



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The car needs feathering. As I see you tried to feather it, but it didn't work like it should have, I suggest you cut it out, select the car color as primary, and use Outline Object plug-in with maximum Softness, and 1 width. Or 2 width, I'm not sure.

@Drakaan, nice work.

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@FrEaK: Take off, eh! ;)

@Ash: I suppose if I get crazy enough, I'll attempt to clone stamp...it's one of those tools where I'm not that good at it and...um...it scares me. But it would be good practice... :)

@Bob: I considered doing something with that word (zoom blur, color change) but decided against it because imho it would detract from the picture as a whole. I'll give it a shot anyway to see what happens!

Thanks all! :D

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Outline object plug-in, with some big width, and max softness. With orange as primary color.

Another pattern, a plaid this time. If you want different colors, PM me and I'll send you the PDN file, so you can change every layer of lines.


EDIT: Click, the thumbnail looks worse than the image... :P

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BuzzKill, how did you make that liquid tube thingy? Can you post a tut?

Anyway these are a few creations i made on PDN:


I was bored and started messin around and made that one.^^


I made that one for my friend.^^


I used somebody's tut and added text to make that one.^^


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I decided to use deviantART to host my plugins from now on, as per Yata's suggestion. (Is this really just a ploy to boost my pageviews? :twisted:)

Anyhow, you can't just host a DLL or ZIP, there has to be a thumbnail to go with it, so I threw this together. I think it's actually pretty cool looking, for a 10 minute job.

(does the preview image also contain a preview of one of my new plugins? yes... but you'll be hard-pressed to find it...:twisted:)



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