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  1. nvm i got it looks cool pics soon
  2. i got this still a bit confused
  3. Hey guys just made this logo for a 'company' of mine. Was wondering if someone could make the background white 'glass'? Im really bad it so...Yeah agent87- id like your sig more if the corners were rounded. just my two cents
  4. just made this real quick for a forum i moderate on im going to make the ferrari logo glass if i have time
  5. ha yeah i think ill do that. for future versions, maybe a v 4.0, try making it so that you could make your object 'animated' like .gif wise. it would be like a rotating sphere of death
  6. ooh all these responses make me wanna dl it even more! too bad my laptop doesnt have pdn and im too lazy to go upstairs and download it looking forward ot using it
  7. anyone know how i can remove that 'forza 2' watermark from the bottom left of my image? here it is so far, i will post progress soon i know its a bit sloppy, but ill go back and clean it up later
  8. thanks man. i used motion blur effect. i think theeres a tut on it
  9. next suspect: something tells me he sharpened. the front of the car is nice,,,too nice
  10. Alright I've got this guy in my grasp. He mine, all mine. This guy is going DOWN!!!!! thanks everyone, now I have another 6 images to check ;|
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