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  1. some photoshop metal work if used well I imagine it could be a handy brush. The plate is my personal fave. Now that PDN has brush and smudge ,probably have dodge and burn at some point as well , i imagine. It really wont matter where the resource comes from as the basic power structure is very similar in pixel manipulation. Its not the brush its how you use it.
  2. Things like this justify such out bursts. I wasnt angry about the images, I am code illiterate ( insert like insult here) It takes me 10 minutes to get the code after I retrieve the links to shorten them. You talk about egotism and arrogance , look around I am swimming in it when I am here its no wonder it brushed off on me. Al I ask is for the same consideration I give to all people. I keep thinking people in general want to be kind to each other, I keep bieng let down. lol. my bad for thinking people give a bloody potato about people in general. honestly theres more here that is unsettling than my siggy goingbye bye. Theres an elitist mentality with some, thats suffocating to many. you have all spoken and made it very clear that consideration in its true form is compromised with apathy. Its sad really. I was really proud of the community here. Proud to be a part. all good things. laters dewds I thought by now something fairminded might have been inspired, Its simply not an element you posess. so be it.
  3. After 500 posts youd think I could get a pm regarding sig length as a friendly heads up, But then that would mean you actually value my support and the fact that so many of my peers have come here to find a cool tool only to find this attitude of apathy. I dont see it as a worthy investment of my time to rebuild my links for each whim that becomes a paradigm for a mod. If you needed it changed you should have said something. When I first started posting I had a 6 or 700 pixel wide sig and you all saw it, and nothing was said. I dont see I should be particularly compelled to rebuild the links and I see it as pretty inconsiderate to take actions like Bait did, especially when I am compliant to requests, And respective and supportive of moderators. You abused your priviledge IMHO. You can whitewash that by trying to devalue everything I say or you can admit it was a screwed up thing to do. Either way this is about Your actions BB. I remain and will choose to remain supportive of PDN. I however refuse to treat others like that and all your offload can join my forums to avoid this treatment. I am supportive and I genuinely care about people , many of my peers have come here only to leave disgusted. They can now enjoy the lack of the PDN sentiment that rules these forums.
  4. You can pout if you want, but seriously, you've got over 500 posts... I'm sure you know the rules regarding sigs and their sizes. pout? you didnt ask no one said a word so you delete it all :evil: pout? no pouting here dewd you offended me. nothing about pouting dewd. That was the least respectable thing you could do. It was so devoid of respect at all. hey if thats how you want to be viewed then thats your call. good luck with that here and enough wiith the sig double standard wither complained and you bent end of story. Good luck with that too. later dewds. either you respect folks or you dont and you dont and dont deserve to moderate. from my da This is how you treat loyal members? You screwed up that sig a abit long but not over 150 height.
  5. I think pyjo did grass as he sees it to be different from ash's technique. That and I believe pyjo Has the capacity to be a very excellent PDN artist. Ashes tuts are great but they arent law , An ancient japanese or chinese saying; " do not seek to follow the masters seek to follow what they follow". Ash isnt the only great PDN guy in the world , while its great he has our undying support he still needs our criticism as well. That and static cling is BAD.
  6. wanna use the hypodermic I made? Make a PDN addict banner? :wink:
  7. That roughness in pic 1 really depicts the title well. Fractured, insane, broken. I wish I had done more of that roughness and made it really stand out. I may redo it and make something like that with the piece It will take some thought and time; And I have a header to make.
  8. I am sorry but I find the av a little annoying. wither pm me with sig comments ok? lets not feed the trolls
  9. Looks frozen, like a cornice from deepest Antarctica. Intentional? Unfortunately, No :? But now that you mentioned it, Maybe I can make something of it later on ============================================================================================ If I ever get this done I will post it on dA :twisted: Some of you will remember where this came from hehehe I am actually glad you did that with that face. its friggen cool
  10. I bet it sounds lame since its all synthetic material The cymbals arent even brass They look like a cheap knock off of brass, (probably sound like cow bells) At least thats my aliens opinion.
  11. suhhweetness incarnate :!: Oma its not impossible to create a methodology for glass its just a bit difficult right now to boil it down to an understandable post that doesnt take up 3 pages of screens and instructions. That and why give out your bread an butter in detail? Shiny gfx sell Why should any gfx artist just give his ability to make money away? Art is just too competitive to give away all the secrets. And spending 12 hours creating an authoritative tut for free is anti climactic to say the least. especially when people use the techniques and never honor the source with proper accredidation. Like folks think the pioneers owe them the knowledge, when they dont. But I was just inspired to do a tut that is easy for glass using tiles reflection, i think something simple like that could help glass seekers out a bit and it doesnt give my secrets out.
  12. That is my reply as well to those that have asked me for glass tuts.
  13. Thanks for the comments guys and gals sorry to be redundant but I found heat colored black chrome. And btw fyi etc etc , This wasnt done with tile reflection or glass blocks :wink:
  14. Thanks could be, I dont know how to program a skin or id make it for wmp. This is for a bench app some friends are making. That wood texture is great. Olav that door is really nice.
  15. Remade. PDN is widely used in skinning apps. 1 because its free and 2 because4 its friggen awesome. Photo shop is cool but there are things you cannot do as quickly as you can in PDN.
  16. sweetness 8) Do you use the skins and stuff you make for anything, or is it like just for fun? Great job pyjo ! quite amazing for a first post working on a skin pack for an app. :wink:
  17. I doubt they'd bust you for free advertisement. :wink:
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