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  1. @ liquidcore its a sketch i did when i was younger i got p.n an now im learning how to color lol i was never big on it b4 go for it verndewd im sure ppl want to know lol your current sig looks better swuuu
  2. maybe he means toots like hey toots hows your day ? lol anyways nice plugin imma go try it out now
  3. i posted this same pict before in here but i been messin around with it a lil color wise with the back ground and skin texture i liked the look of it now better then before i got the basics i want in there now all i need to do is shade it in with a few gradients and the shorts color needs to change lol :shock:
  4. lmao @ ben 8/10 blues my fav color and the button and sig seamlessly meet which is cool to
  5. lmao @ this topic everyone knows chuck can kil anything even chuck. i mean come on he can kick you yesterday the fight would be over before it was even planned lol and chuck kicking chuck would create a black hole from the pure awesomeness of his raw power * drops mic walks away*
  6. verndewd that looks great like crossing into another realm or something it would look awesome in 3d
  7. <<<< just learned the airbrush effect lol oh yeah frosted glass + zoom blur = way cool
  8. still would rather be known for my best then some half (_)_)'d job lol
  9. rather have my best work on display it might not be noticed now but only god knows who will notice it down the line a lot of famous painters werent known during there life time ok sturday morning cartoons or sunday night movies oh (_o_) o o o o *plop* i forgot about the fire lol
  10. struggling with fear for my life lmao @ ash tyson or ali
  11. melted icecream covered in ash mixed martial arts or kick boxing ?
  12. not winning any awards here just having fun keeping it simple:D source image: http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/486 ... e%3A5&qo=2
  13. lol cool plug-in you ppl got me stegging everything lol great messege in your sig david lol
  14. eeewww ugly fishes lol thats good seriously i like the fact u need an imagination to see the fish lol ( thinks she should add water to it lol jk)
  15. ty aile denim rocks lol and yes im a sucker for the water effect lol
  16. ty @ david and jerk i cant take credit for it tho lol got it from my x gfs bebo pg lol hilary clinton = bill clintons 3rd term in office except shes gonna get down in the oval office this time lol
  17. ty lilredneck its funny what u can get just messin around
  18. lmao i agree with ben, warnings would help lol awesome pic ash
  19. Ok to get the full effect of this image look in the center then cross your eyes till the two pics meet and make one pic in the middle if you do it right it becomes 3d hope its amuzing lol
  20. ok im •´¯`•.•´¯`•.•´¯`•´¯`•.•´¯`•.•´¯`•☼ the turbo charger and fuel pump died out on my datsun in the middle of a street race >:-(
  21. ok noob here i cant yell again lol ok heres me im on the left and heres another O_o and heres a sketch i did when i was lil ppl say it looks like me(edited in p.n of course and still working on it ) i guess i grew into the part O_o :shock:
  22. that first one is an eye catcher man the rest are great to but the first ones hot !
  23. Edit by Rick: STOP SHOUTING. Read the rules before posting again.
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