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  1. ??? Do you want to make an animated signature? Or turn an animation into a signature? EDIT: Welcome to the forum!
  2. ZOMG! I dont have to pay for making a userbar if I follow your tut? EDIT: hmm I think got it. You make the userbar, I post two colours and a picture, made myself or downloaded, and some text
  3. Isn't that Forza for xbox? yes it is here's one my nephew made apparently he's much better than I am great pictures everyone! Here is a picture of the actual car. http://www.dieselstation.com/wallpapers ... er-029.jpg Hotlinking sux lol
  4. Oh. how do you get a bad quote tag? Just write /quote(with these []) in the end of your post
  5. Bjerre

    Kiosk Orbs!

    I like the WHY DOES MY CURSOR ******* LEAVE THE TEXT EVERY 5 SEC :evil: (continued) shadow EDIT: because of a stupid party poker pop up -_-
  6. ZOMG! Amazing! my computer almost couldn't show it -_-
  7. Is that @ like, "I agree with" or "I'm talking to YOU!"? EDIT: this page looks weird from below my post, i guess i did something wrong. How do I fix it? EDIT: I did it! a quote end a wrong place messed the entire/half page up(making evil plans) :twisted:
  8. 1. There's no reason to do step 2(except open a new layer). That'll be done later. 2. Whats the point of doing step 7? 3. You doesn't tell how to make it a ring. If you just follow the tut, it'll be a square(before step 15, use the magic wand at 0% to select the empty space around the planet, press CTRL+I, go to the ring layer and press delete. To get a round edge, do something like step 5+6). Great tut 9,5/10!
  9. ... or the Zombies will eat you
  10. false, only a 100(im using my phone) TPBM is a virgin
  11. False. I've had a little free web site. TPBM is a moderator at this forum
  12. False, false, false. I would do anything for a man with a neat sig/avatar/body(girls only) TPBM is less than 3 meters away from his/her toilet
  13. True(If you mean all non music) TPBM plays guitar
  14. I have my user bars to show that I like Paint.NET, World of Warcraft(not guildwars, but I had fun making the bar ), firefox and the simpsons. Like a little FAQ
  15. Mythbusters has proved these are wrongMythbusters FTW!
  16. I don't know what my favorite dream is, but my last dream was about one of my friends getting married, and I was supposed to be the church guy saying "Do you want this woman, you're now married (whatever it's called)". And then, when it started, I realized I didn't know the brides name(weird dream)
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