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  1. Eek! They showed a name of someone and i searched it on Googlism and this was the first one:
  2. I already did a get to know eachother thing. EDIT: don't search Chuck Norris they are so wrong. That's not right... :evil: Don't get banned for posting inappropriate words. ~BoltBait
  3. Google doesnt like you I guess... EDIT: Wait, its ok. You can get them back! Ooooh can you do one for me?
  4. I'm still lost. Wow that screen shot was when I still used XP. :shock:
  5. That's a good way to do fake partial transparency. APNG's are better though. Wow that seems like hard work. How long did it take?
  6. I know that amazing. I wanna be able to do that. How do we do it? :evil:
  7. Oh... Have you ever watched Dragon Ball (Without the Z) That is actually funny. There is a little kid living alone and some girl is driving up to the place where the kid is. The girls gets our of her car and the kid freaks out (He's never seen a car before) so he picks up the car and throws it. Then he sees the girls and is all like "What is that?" (He's never seen a girl) and she is wearing a skirt and, well, he looks up her skirt.... anyways it's really funny. The girl starts taking care of the kid, but you know the kid is so weird and different... Never too late by THREE DAYS GRACE
  8. And of course my radio starts playing modern music when I switch to the news radio.... (Pleace word here) them. One of my favorite modern rock songs too At least I only missed the first 46 seconds of it EDIT: And now they start playing classic again....
  9. Are the mariners really down 8 to nothing? I'm listening to radio and that's what they said and I can't find them on TV
  10. Wow :shock: How can we resize stuff like that? I guess that means I can delete a person from a picture. That's amazing. I wanna do that :twisted:
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