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  1. um, there is a way actually. first create 2 layers, then add what you want to type FULLY in 1 layer (everything just forget about italics for now) then on the 2nd layer type the exact same thing and line it up, then switch it to italics, delete the halves of what you want italic/normal and merge the layers (hope that makes sense)
  2. Yup, increase the Tolerance (its a little blue & black % type scroll bar)
  3. ATTENTION: Mystical Nudity - Not skin. NSFW. 18+. etc. 1440x900 Link Removed
  4. Hiyo! long time no post , anyways I'm doing a course in school and the teach likes using photoshop for everything, he says NO! to freeware -_- I've been handing in PNG's but I'm losing marks for not using layers (even though I am in PDN I just don't want him to know) anyways, is there any way someone could try making a plugin that imports the actual .pdn layers in to a photoshop doc that notices them as layers? Dunka, FrEaK
  5. Hey guys, Haven't really requested anything in awhile, but then I got a little bamboo wacom tablet with pretty buttons on it... I know in photoshop there is a way to make custom shortcuts, as in when you press say CTRL+F2 it will select the brush tool. Photoshop also has a sort of "start" "stop" option for saying what certain things will happen if you press the key (more than 1) It is a bit hard to explain, maybe someone can help me out who uses photoshop regularly just saw a game design guy doing it while fooling around with PS. Thanks, FrEaK
  6. girlfriend drama, made me feel pretty crappy, so I drew the most emo thing I have ever drawn... its not very good but I was busy talking to the GF
  7. 5AM - fooling around... this came out :O http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b254/ ... sketch.png
  8. rawr! its me again. New stuff, doodled for 5 minutes in PDN, then made something else.... here they are http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b254/ ... nfreak.png EDIT: New image added http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b254/ ... ea-PNG.png
  9. just got a tablet for christmas more work from me soon...... merry belated christmas all, PS3
  10. FrEaK is still here guys! I'm just busy as can be with school, work, hockey and "life things" :wink: I'll try to come on more I promise, Coquitlam BC REPRESENT!
  11. silkroad online, http://www.xfire.com/ scroll down to todays top games. its probly the most played free mmo. have fun =D (though I would also suggest guild wars)
  12. did anyone get pictures of the eclipse? I over slept
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