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  1. convert MTS video files into wmv format
  2. oh yeah you used shadow...i actually did use dro shadow with a little blur
  3. ive notice that my creations dont get noticed there either
  4. yes they are really fun...we go out every weekend and go muddin. i love it
  5. im in the chat right now (KrzyKamikazeKid) with stephanheijl and its not letting me talk....what is the deal???
  6. yeah i figured...they can do that kinda stuff because....well....its google!
  7. awsome awsome awsome plugin. im glad it is stickied
  8. my 1st one ever. stock image: http://www.drzach.net/images/evolution101.jpg
  9. ...when your on the internet and click the wrong like you hit Crtl+Z instead of Alt+left arrow...happens to me all the time. ...when your walking down the street and see something and say i bet i could make that in paint.net,well ash can atleast.
  10. not sure if im done yet. this is my first time entering SOTW, so i dont know how its going to turn out. please comment... stock image: http://www.drzach.net/images/evolution101.jpg
  11. but how would i do that? EDIT: nevermind. i fixed the tail. but in the original image the paw was cut off...so how would i be able to fix it?
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