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  1. hi, you could achieve that effect by using textile (effects>render>textile). i forgot if it was a plugin or if it already comes with pdn. if you dont have it, then it probably is... here is the sample result:
  2. that's pretty cool. its looks like people morphing in a disco bar or something. im not good with titles though lol.. ------------- here are my latest abstracts: ------------- and also my photomanip(make-over) entry: ^ click for full size please ^ ahhh, too many images for one day, im gonna take a rest now.
  3. some text effect i worked on when i was bored: i really wanted it to have the effect of a photoshopped text i saw a while back, but i guess i was too ambitious...or im just not trying hard enough.
  4. hmmm, no, you cannot open two instances of pdn. if you open it again, it will just revert back to the original one. :wink:
  5. amazing, can you pm me how you did it? thanks for the compliment. however i cant quite remember the exact steps i did for that. i started that a loong time ago, then i stopped and it was only now that i was able to finish it. what i can remember though is that i drew something, then glass blocks effect, changed the color (color balance/curves), shape 3d to form a cube, then polar inversion...hmmm, thats all i can remember :?
  6. a glass butterfly, achieved by playing with glass blocks: here's another one with some green nest at the background:
  7. ↑ is wrong ← goes the hard way and uses character map to actually get some arrows ↓ will copy this arrow and use it in his/her next post
  8. Looks great! However, I think the pale halo around the eyes might be something you want to address. thanks for that d.a... sometimes its hard to see the flaws of your own work, unless someone actually comments on them yes, the second version looks better. ---------- Edit: ooo i like the darker sky it enhances the picture even more.
  9. oops.. it was only a while back when i realized that her eyes looked a bit off :oops: :? here's an updated version:
  10. yes, the coloring and shading is quite nice .. but she does look a little pale. the color of her skin almost matches her hair color, so maybe you could add some contrast with those two. but other than that, i think you're in good shape. -------------------- ok, here's my latest photo manip which was inspired by those worth1000.com contests: face: Alexis Bledel eyes: Emma Watson equals: Alemma Bledson :shock: :shock: there's another version where i added angelina jolie's lips, but im not going to post it since it looked soooo wrong.. :?
  11. viewtopic.php?f=15&t=4841 found it using search, use it next time k?
  12. :shock: i actually thought it was a real picture :shock: ... ive been punk'd.
  13. LOL, is that a quote from demetri martin? ---- Karma Blue: the second one is really good 007 Nab: nice editing! i like it.
  14. another photo manip: clicky here to view full size on my d.a. ...i could use a little page view from you guys XD just so you know, its more than just color balance and/or hue/saturation ------ images used: model:[link] bg: [link]
  15. hmmm...here's my two cents, i think that there is something not right with the landscape.. i searched for some pixel landscapes on the web, and i've seen that the base lines of the bldgs, roads, houses, etc. are parallel to each other. i can't quite explain it that much, but here is a rough draft of what i mean:
  16. wow k.dig, 6 pages! people seem to be enjoying this. here's my updated pixel person, can you include me in the front page pls? : ------- here's another character i did, you can use it as a new pixel world resident: (and yes, she has green hair!)
  17. i had to make my own since you only made two girls , and none of them resembled me , so here's my try. i got to admit tho, it was really fun to make. hmmm... i think im gonna make more soon!
  18. my newest photo manipulation: ------------------ stock images from: http://tragicstock.deviantart.com/ http://twofold-division.deviantart.com/art/Scene-Stock-II-69923013
  19. hmm.. for a while there i thought you were ncfan. :shock: lol anyways, both of them look ok, the text on the first one might need a little :AntiAliasingOn: or feather... but i like the bottom one because it looks less busy than the other. but its your sig, use whatever floats your boat
  20. i kinda agree with that. well, not that its really bad, but it was difficult to "beautify" the image since...you know, it was just.. a tree... i did some editing on it and it got to a point where i don't really know what else to do, add or adjust. but i tried and posted my entry anyways. i totally support this contest, but maybe we could use a more interesting picture next time? like people, faces, black and white images for example? :wink:
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