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  1. Eek! They showed a name of someone and i searched it on Googlism and this was the first one:
  2. I already did a get to know eachother thing. EDIT: don't search Chuck Norris they are so wrong. That's not right... :evil: Don't get banned for posting inappropriate words. ~BoltBait
  3. Google doesnt like you I guess... EDIT: Wait, its ok. You can get them back! Ooooh can you do one for me?
  4. I'm still lost. Wow that screen shot was when I still used XP. :shock:
  5. You answered this same question only yesterday!?! To invert the selection press Ctrl + I, to invert the colours (which I doubt is needed) press Ctrl + Shift + I. There really no other easier way to invert as it is the quickest way for the step. Well I know, but I have trouble with the tutorial not the inverting part.
  6. Under where? Now they only show shows that are good according to Aeister Eeshmagarg, a terrorist. So the only shows you really get to see are ones about terrorism,
  7. I was going to say that... What BB said.
  8. That's a good way to do fake partial transparency. APNG's are better though. Wow that seems like hard work. How long did it take?
  9. I acts a little weird with a circular selection.
  10. natjo1986 - You an Astronaut and you travel to mars along with 4 of your best friends. On the trip you have the most fun you've ever had in your life joking with you friends and playing with them and star gazing. You land on mars and you discover aliens. They are friendly and they give you 50 million dollars (USD) and it is not counterfeit! They have all of your favorite things there such as computers with your favorite software. On your way back to earth you have a great time with you friends and all. As you are about to enter earth but your angle on entering the atmosphere wasn't right so the shuttle burns up and all you friends die and your the only survivor. All the chemicals and radio active stuff harm you and you have to stay in the hospital for years. The radio-active stuff is sooo bad that no one can see you, not even you family. You die of pain, misery, and loneliness, and hunger after 5 years. EDIT: @barkbark00 - You are a real boy. But you die of cancer. I wish I could see the RHCP in concert.
  11. The Bevel Plugin http://paintdotnet.12.forumer.com/viewtopic.php?t=6526
  12. Try the search. Press F1 while in Paint.NET. In paint.NEt do this Window >> Reset Window Locations or make sure colors has a blue box on it by clicking on it.
  13. I know that amazing. I wanna be able to do that. How do we do it? :evil:
  14. Yes it is very expensive you can get a 30 day trial. You may even find one on your first virus search with it.
  15. So is yours sharky I found this cool plugin I might make this as my new sig.
  16. Awesome plugin! Thanks. I can see this being put in Paint.NET
  17. Is it supposed to be zipped? Anyways downloaded now.
  18. Hairy Underarms & greasy ears Itunes
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