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First one is just some experiments:

The earth here is a stock image. I used Trouser Flare plugin for the sun.
For this one, I used the 3D shapes plugin.
Just some bullet holes:
Blue Planet:
Cartoon Boardwalk: 
Sand writing. (
Skull Vector image I drew. First I made a basic outline, blured it a bit then removed some parts using magic wand to get a smooth flow of lines.
Then I added the triangles by copy and pasting. (You can use this for personal projects if you want)

This one is my Desktop Backgrounds + Other Stuff I REALLY liked.

Click them for higher resolution.
Some channel art.
A picture I made for a friend.



I made this for a friend who's into DJ-ing.


This one is made with TR's 3rd Dimension

It's a really cool plugin and I hope you check it out!


Experimenting with photography and text. (No Plugins!)

Click for full size. (1080x1920)


A tribute to sigs of the past.


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First Image, cool lighting effects.

Second Image, I like the shading of the background and that is a nice box.

Third Image, I think I've seen an image like that somewhere before, hehe ;). (that was a nice smoke tut)

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Nice start indeed to your Gallery and Welcome.  The bullet holes are so realistic -wow :)

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Very nice additions.  One point, however, on the skull.  If you do a Gaussian Blur and AA's Assistant at default, you will get a crisper result.

Keep up the great work ;)


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How the heck'd you do this one? Did you render in it in another program? Apart from the jagged edges, it's pretty awesome .


































It's a blend of gradients, rotate/zoom and blurring.

This was the original image I made. I was dumb so I forgot to save it as PDN.

too lazy to resize sorry.  :| As you can see, I already added motion blurring so it was hard to salvage it. I got even lazier when doing the effect so I just use magic wand.  :lol:

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So is it just a photo manip?

100% Paint.NET the Spade was the hard part since I had to select each part and drag them somewhere else, took me around 20 mins to finish drawing it.

Really neat stuff here! :) I love the funky shapes in the black one. Very cool!

Thank you. :) 

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