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  1. 100% Paint.NET the Spade was the hard part since I had to select each part and drag them somewhere else, took me around 20 mins to finish drawing it. Thank you.
  2. Since that one was done, I'd like to submit this:
  3. *magic* jk It's a blend of gradients, rotate/zoom and blurring. This was the original image I made.http://i.imgur.com/iLGceJl.jpg I was dumb so I forgot to save it as PDN. too lazy to resize sorry. As you can see, I already added motion blurring so it was hard to salvage it. I got even lazier when doing the effect so I just use magic wand.
  4. Thank you! I just thought of this effect after seeing some renders online and trying to see if I can re-create them in PDN. I like HD *pcmasterrace* also, I might work on a tutorial if enough people request it. :Tutorials:
  5. This is amazing. Thank you for sharing! I love it. Check my Gallery for full size.
  6. Thank you! I added a new picture and will be adding more so stay tuned.
  7. Then he probably accidentally moved the first image one px to the left. He could just re-insert the first picture.
  8. Must be a killer workstation PC you're building with that talent.
  9. The moonscape is my favorite. Great pics even though I don't like doing spacey stuff. (Only sometimes when I want to try something out.)
  10. I'd vote for you but that would be biased so, I'll just say good luck!
  11. People voted it out since nobody uses it. http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/topic/25598-does-anyone-use-the-freeform-shape-tool/
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