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  1. Hi guys! I've been using Paint.NET for the better part of a decade, but recently I've encountered a weird problem when using the text tool: whenever I press enter to start a new line, it's almost as if it thinks I've pressed enter twice because it creates a second line and then I have to hit backspace to get rid of one. It's becoming really tedious, does anyone know how to help?
  2. Non sibi, sed toti.

  3. Great image FotoFactory, I love the subtle gradient, and great resolution too!
  4. Any time. Any place, EER. You're going down! haha
  5. Hey everyone, I've been on the forum for years now (on and off sporadically since July 2011!), but I am yet to make an introduction. So hello, my name's Reilly, I'm 18 years old and I'm originally from Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia. I spend most of my time in The Pictorium, but if you look reeeaaally hard, you'll find a tutorial in the Creations section and a couple of answers in the Paint.NET Discussion & Questions section too. If you ever have time, you should check out my gallery, I occasionally post some cool stuff.
  6. You seem to be missing a prong on that peace sign there Ishi, but other than that, splendid job! Certainly feelin' the groove, keep it up!
  7. It looks like displacement to me. (On the left)
  8. It would have to be more than one individual.
  9. Am I the only one who truly appreciates 144p resolution?

  10. p0th3ad, the exact same image was posted on other forums about a year prior to you posting it here by a user called m0dm4n, I hope that's you.
  11. A lot of clouds, displacement and edge detect.
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