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SOTW#149 - winners announced - Decorative Glass


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  1. 1. You may vote for up to Six entries.

    • [IMG]http://i100.photobucket.com/albums/m23/ad6862drewdale2014/entries%20part%20two/7k4yY9k_zpscxfbmigq.gif[/IMG]
    • [IMG]http://i100.photobucket.com/albums/m23/ad6862drewdale2014/entries%20part%20two/SOTW-149_zps800ojyqa.png[/IMG]
    • [IMG]http://i100.photobucket.com/albums/m23/ad6862drewdale2014/entries%20part%20two/BxFN8Y_zpsvyvfm8c6.png[/IMG]
    • [IMG]http://i100.photobucket.com/albums/m23/ad6862drewdale2014/entries%20part%20two/Siggy_Texture_Shader_Frame4_JPEG_zpsljb3att7.jpg[/IMG]
    • [IMG]http://i100.photobucket.com/albums/m23/ad6862drewdale2014/entries%20part%20two/stained%20glass_zpsv2ngtyez.png[/IMG]
    • [IMG]http://i100.photobucket.com/albums/m23/ad6862drewdale2014/entries%20part%20two/GlassSig3_zpsuih4fqt0.png[/IMG]
    • [IMG]http://i100.photobucket.com/albums/m23/ad6862drewdale2014/entries%20part%20two/Pink_Flower_Droplets_Glass_Mini_Double2_zps9b2or7bs.jpg[/IMG]
    • [IMG]http://i100.photobucket.com/albums/m23/ad6862drewdale2014/entries%20part%20two/DffCFZ_zps4pm95mdj.png[/IMG]
    • [IMG]http://i100.photobucket.com/albums/m23/ad6862drewdale2014/entries%20part%20two/cm83uzys_zpsncz1y29c.png[/IMG]
    • [IMG]http://i100.photobucket.com/albums/m23/ad6862drewdale2014/entries%20part%20two/Bird%20Final_zpsp2egskam.png[/IMG]
    • [IMG]http://i100.photobucket.com/albums/m23/ad6862drewdale2014/entries%20part%20two/DecorativeGlassCatSig_zps4ktihyv4.png[/IMG]

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The theme this week is - Decorative Glass

which has been chosen by – MJW (SOTW#148 Winner)

This week you're challenged to design and create a signature based on Decorative Glass,
there is an excellent Tutorial Here from lynxster4 that you can use as an inspiration (if needed)

The deadline for entries is 7:00pm (UK Time) on - Friday 15th April.

To see how that equates to other countries, here is a link to the World Time

Competition Rules

1. Max sig dimensions 500 x 200. Please NOTE: The forum limits signatures to 500 x 150, if it is too large do not try to use it as your sig.

2. Please keep your signature family friendly.

3. Keep to the theme that has been set.

4. You may modify or replace your image until the deadline!

5. Don’t violate copyright laws with found images; links to source images would be courteous.

6. Your entry must be made using Paint.net. Please don't use an outside image editor and try passing it off as PDN work.

7. There are multiple entries per entrant allowed.

The winner of the current SOTW gets to choose the subject for the next competition. Good luck all and thank you in advance for entering.

Thanks to - Chrisco97, Sozo, TheHowler, Nitenurse79, Chimay and Pixey for keeping this competition going in the past.

This thread is for posting your entries only.

If you want to talk about any of the entries, you can do so in the discussion thread found here..

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EDIT: Decided to color it a bit. (I'm on the fence on that!)

EDIT 2: Though I'm reluctant to post a link to the original large version, since the entries should be judged exclusively on the sig-sized version, I'll do so anyway in case any one wants to see it: Large Version

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Rainy day.


Created with PDN v3.5.11 running in Linux. Plugins used: Tile Reflection, BoltBait's Inner Shadow, Red Ochre's Object Bevel, Midora's Animate Images and various other tweaks....



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Boy, ya sure miss a lot in 2 weeks. I've been battling a severe head cold which spread like wildfire throughout my workplace. This coming Monday will be week 3.  I hope I feel better soon...I'd have rather had the flu!


I'll throw this out there.  It's a yet unnamed technique I've been experimenting with for my stained glass.


Made at 150x500, so there's no bigger pic to view.  At this size a lot of detail just gets lost.



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re-hosted image
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In first place with 15 votes is Pixey.

Second place with 10 votes is MJW

Third place also goes to MJW with 8 votes.

Another top class selection of entries this time round, I will pm the winner and get the next comp launched as soon as I get a topic B)

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Thanks so much for the votes :) .  Congrats too ...... to MJW with two wins ;) .  What beautiful entries from everyone - really eye catching images :lightning: .


Ooops - Big thank you to @Drew for his hosting duties :beer::pizza: .

Edited by Pixey


How I made Jennifer & Halle in Paint.net

My Gallery | My Deviant Art

"Rescuing one animal may not change the world, but for that animal their world is changed forever!" anon.

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Congratulations to Pixey for her elegant winning entry! I was impressed by the quality of the other entries, and pleased by the wide variety of approaches used for the theme. Many thanks to Drew for for hosting the competition.

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Congrats Pixey and MJW!    :star:  :star:  Well-deserved!  A nice lot of entries.


Thank you DrewDale for hosting!    :)

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